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  1. Skip FIx

    Who has different year, make, model rear installed into their X frame?

    My 78 Trans Am still has stock 28 spline 10 bolt axles and an Eaton posi 1.5s 60 fts 10.90s @ 124. Although 30 spline are in the future and what I put in the 81 Trans Am when the factory posi was worn out for it's future 455. There is a guy repoping the factory posi friction plates now.
  2. Skip FIx

    Edlebrock water pump

    The newer versions had "button" head screw for better clearance to the timing cover.
  3. Skip FIx

    Disc conversion problems...

    My 78 Trans Am has had DOT 5 in it for 20 years good pedal autocrossing as well as stopping form 124 mph in the 1/4.
  4. Skip FIx

    How long will an M22 Muncie hold up to 500hp?

    The Nash racing straight cut gear 5 speed I picked up years ago was used in a Stocker but 4th and 5th were 1:1 so legal and 5th was not used. It was just stronger than other 4 speeds. Now it's 2.80, 2.22, 1.77,1.33, 1.0. Lots of my Pontiac buddies have broken Muncies and ST-10s with a healthy...
  5. Skip FIx

    Two head gaskets real or myth?

    I know my 64 340 HP motor had cast pistons, when I dropped a valve.
  6. Skip FIx

    Two head gaskets real or myth?

    So guys I've always heard HP 409s had two shim head gaskets from the factory to drop CR. My first 64 was a 340 HP and only one. Real or myth?
  7. Skip FIx

    After Market AM/FM Radio

    I have one in the 81 Trans Am has a port to add on I Pod which is now old tech!
  8. Skip FIx

    wheel size after shortening diff??????????????

    I just fit some 275-60-15s on a stock rear with 0 offset 15x8 Cragar SS wheels on my 64. Close but clears frame and fenderwells.
  9. Skip FIx

    Converting A/C car to A/C heater delete

    Here are the holes, actually 4 holes if you count the one into the cowl and 3rd one from the inside kick panel . Last one how we zip tied the core support on the pull it and the fenders out of the interior to haul it!
  10. Skip FIx

    64 Impala what size fronts?

    Not on the fronts rear Cragar SS 15x8 zero offset 275-60-15s. The fronts will need a 0 offset also as the 1/2" TA wheels thow it too far in. Might get soem spacers just as a trial fit, don't trust spacers to drive myself.
  11. Skip FIx

    Converting A/C car to A/C heater delete

    "So when installing after market A/C both those holes are blocked off with delete plates? " I was wondering that too if I decide to go that route.
  12. Skip FIx

    Metering rod question.

    I think that is Jon. He is very opinionated about "real" Carter quality vs Edelbrock quality. I think there have been different subtle design changes since Edlebrock/Weber took them over in production why some things do not fit. I can tell you his rebuild kits are VERY complete including new...
  13. Skip FIx

    Converting A/C car to A/C heater delete

    Thanks Jim I meant to get pictures of it at the shop yesterday but got distracted. I'll be out Wed. I have a much larger hole and I want to think the area where the round hole is is totally different. Got a nice complete A/C heater box in Houston if some one needs one!
  14. Skip FIx

    Converting A/C car to A/C heater delete

    Phil looking at pictures on the internet looks like the heater box attaches on the passenger side, so if a heater no passenger vent? Been too long since I had my non A/C 64 to remember. Alos a big hole in the cowl besides where the A/C box attached.
  15. Skip FIx

    quicktime bellhousing.

    They do make adjustable balls to get the correct angle for the fork.
  16. Skip FIx

    Friends W Truck

    Cool El Camino!
  17. Skip FIx

    LED Dash lights

    I added the tach cutout.
  18. Skip FIx

    LED Dash lights

    Some pictures of the completed dash/tach. Since the factory paint had some texture to it I used rustoleum black texture. The Mopar guys like it for getting close to their factory finish. I'm finding it is harder to wipe dust off. Clock has an "A Oct 1963" on it. Cluster has a faint 10(?) 3 1963...
  19. Skip FIx

    LED Dash lights

    "I will be changing my other 62’s to LED’s as soon as I determine a good way to reach the sockets under the dashes. " Luckily mine is on the workbench and easier to get to! I hate the access all cars and trucks have to get to the bulbs. I would like to find an oil pressure and maybe voltmeter...