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  1. skipxt4

    Americans & Guns?????

    Don't think, this world will still be here 20 or 30 years. :doh It's headed for extinction.:hide
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    DuhBlauZero spews BS

    Why doesn't this Jerk, have a Bulls Eye, on his back?:dunno He has pissed off, enough cops. He needs to go.:thumbdown
  3. skipxt4

    Americans & Guns?????

    Years ago, we were fueding with our across the street busy body. It was always something, that we did to annoy him.:rolleyes Him and I, got into a pissing match, and he turned me in, to the village, because my 64 was not registered, while I was getting it Road Worthy.:bang A few days later, I...
  4. skipxt4

    DemoRats getting in trouble

    Cats and Dog's, love it, too.:doh:drop
  5. skipxt4

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

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    I always thought the F, stood for "Ford." Was told by an old timer, it stood for "Forward" Makes sense, now.:clap
  7. skipxt4

    63 Elco

    Kool Name, Impalamino.:appl Did all that fantastic work, and left wide white walls, and crappy cheap, looking hubcaps.:doh DUH.:rolleyes
  8. skipxt4

    OMG sad day

    Would like to see someone, do That, to this guy's Kia.:appl:appl:appl
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    New ride

  10. skipxt4

    A Hood Scoop Project

    :appl:good Awesome job, Jim.
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  12. skipxt4

    Happy Birthday! Roger Gunter

    :bday1 Roger, Belated.:doh Hope you had a Great Day.:bow
  13. skipxt4

    Happy Birthday! bjburnout

    :bday1BJ. Belated:doh Hope you had a Great Day.:bow
  14. skipxt4

    Aluminum Rear Bumper Project

    Jim: Your Fab skills, are Beyond Belief. :bow
  15. skipxt4

    Happy Birthday! Bungy

    :bday1Bungy. Have a Great Day.:appl
  16. skipxt4

    Ant Bea

    Welcome Ant Bea:clap Very Fine 58. :bow
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    Welcome Mr. 50 Jr. :clap
  18. skipxt4

    BobsYourUncle joining the group and saying hi to all

    Welcome UncleBob.:appl Don't give up. Good things, come to Good people,:bow
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    She was always, a Pretty girl.:love