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  1. DonSSDD

    Aluminum timing cover

    Call Richmond Engines, Dave practically lived there, they are nice people and may know who made them for Dave. I visited there with Dave, their floor had numerous w’s laying around. Dave showed me his 61 Impala he had just bought and was tearing apart, it had a 348, he dropped a 409 in it.
  2. DonSSDD

    64 Bel Air and Impala rear seat differences?

    Or switch to an impala rear seat with the armrests and or speaker.
  3. DonSSDD

    Who did this?

    The new Mars Rover?
  4. DonSSDD

    BobsYourUncle joining the group and saying hi to all

    How’s your lovelife now Wristpin? Post a list of available stuff for us to pick from to help you move, if things aren’t rosy. :crazy:crazy
  5. DonSSDD

    Oil leak rebuilt 348

    Don’t forget to use the little rubber seals on the rear main.
  6. DonSSDD

    Restarting my 348 project!!

    Don, they are Cal Custom cork, are they any good?
  7. DonSSDD

    Aluminum Rear Bumper Project

    Tall valve covers next Jim? :appl:appl
  8. DonSSDD

    MA Wanted Right Lower Control Arm for a 1962

    Jim has a Z11 one. :bow:bow:bow
  9. DonSSDD


    We have one in Cape Breton, A & K Lick A Chick.
  10. DonSSDD


    What car is this?
  11. DonSSDD

    Question fellas.

    Did you remember to water board him Bob, was that the delay?
  12. DonSSDD

    Anybody seen the Sept 2019 Hot Rod article on the 1960 348 4 spd. Impala found in Idaho junkyard?

    I’d say a 4 speed was fairly rare in 59, and likely a 348 was fairly rare in 59 too. The column looks like an original 4 speed column.
  13. DonSSDD

    1964 Chevrolet Impala 409/425 Dual Quad V8 4-Speed Convertible on Hemmings w/Verne Frantz

    I was in until I figured out it wasn’t Cdn $$$ BJ .:D
  14. DonSSDD

    CT 63 x-frame FREE

    I’ve done Scranton in a day, Atlanta in 2, with a stop in Charlotte to see the track.
  15. DonSSDD

    63-64 Options and accessories

    The assembly manual for each year has the rpo’s listed in the back, are they 100% complete I wonder?
  16. DonSSDD

    63-64 Options and accessories

    Vernon’s Toy Store in Newfoundland has a 64 impala convertible with every option. It is a fully documented US car and even has a trailer hitch. Site says it has 66 options.
  17. DonSSDD

    '62 Impala SS hood springs that work

    If your hood is currently aligned correctly, before removal drill a very small hole behind the front bolt. Drill through the hinge and the lower hood sheet metal. When putting the hood back on, use the same drill in the holes to align your hood. Do the same on your hinge mounts.
  18. DonSSDD

    Metal project: Jeep Frame build

    Bob loves to build things from metal, at least this is a vehicle project? :poke:pokeIt’ll be bright blue and perfect too.
  19. DonSSDD

    409/425 Carbs help

    You running carb spacers, keeps them from boiling fuel when hot? Lots of serious 409’s here running AFB’s, they are used until you get into serious drag racing.
  20. DonSSDD

    1955 Cadillac Commercial Chassis brochure

    Here’s a 50 caddy to go with it. Phil probably needs both?