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  1. 58 Apache

    Last 60

    :beerHere's to the Birthday Boy. Happy Birthday:cheers
  2. 58 Apache

    New Guy, Old Lurker

    :D Not a 58 Pick up with a W in it. Love that year of truck here is my last one. Welcome to the Site.
  3. 58 Apache

    What A Great Day

    :beerThat is the way to celebrate a birthday. Happy Birthday and shoot straight.
  4. 58 Apache

    Gasket sealant

    :dunnoI use it on Race Engines because it sticks good and cleans easily for those tech night items. It is pricey and once opened use it or loss it, the directions say to leave a healthy drip to cure and keep the rest from curing but it seldom works that way. On the walls that you are talking...
  5. 58 Apache

    348/409 Owner in New York City area, Needs Help DESPERATELY !

    :rolleyes I think the guy who put the carbs on for him a couple years ago put the regulator on it after the fuel pump did the seats in. That is just a guess based on what Roger told thru the histouy of the car. One of the things that surprised was the enrichment springs in there were silver or...
  6. 58 Apache

    348/409 Owner in New York City area, Needs Help DESPERATELY !

    :D Good news Aubrey Rogers Biscayne is not in that bad of shape. Some new needles and seats in the carbs, a set of plugs and some roads test tuning and all will be fine. Here are a couple of Pics of Roger and the car.
  7. 58 Apache

    Cecil and TSB's

    :clapCecil is the man for sure.
  8. 58 Apache

    Looking for an engine builder with 409 experience in CT

    :D Here is some pics of the last W build This build was about 7800 as pictured.
  9. 58 Apache

    Looking for an engine builder with 409 experience in CT

    :) Evan I live in Ct in Groton and would entertain building a engine for you and have a great Machine Shop to do my machine work. If interested PM or (conversate) a Phone #.
  10. 58 Apache

    348 rear cam journal TIGHT

    :cussI have used all theses methods. The poor man's ream only for F**d. A couple of things 1. When you pull the bearing it will be loose on the journal because the bearing is not compressed. The holes are most likely raised and could just need to be burnished or a raised area from the install...
  11. 58 Apache

    Comfy new build

    :D If it runs on straight gas about 15hp.
  12. 58 Apache

    348/409 Owner in New York City area, Needs Help DESPERATELY !

    :coffee Aubrey I live in eastern Ct, and would help out if you would like. PM *conversate me a name and phone and i'll return mine.
  13. 58 Apache

    Screw in studs...

    :scratch Are you going to have the bosses cut or are you just tapping and putting the 3/8 threaded replacement from Show Cars?
  14. 58 Apache

    My 66 Impala gets some lovin today. :)

    :D Sweet and yes it was nice today.
  15. 58 Apache

    US Nationals Indy Hayden Proffitt

    :bowThanks Jim that was a great read. Hey Don Why's everyone pick on Phil for :rollHe's the King of 58 and later Chevys You just mite need something some day and Cecil might not have it.
  16. 58 Apache

    Two Notch Blocks

    :browCecil do get any kick back from Phil for all the Tech Support?:laugh
  17. 58 Apache

    Small Block with out an oil filter?

    :scratchJerry for my 2 cents I would try a pilot bushing puller the slide hammer type a couple three hammers should break it loose. Thats how we got them out back in the day. Good Luck.
  18. 58 Apache


    :rollRonnie I too am a Wuss when it comes to being a Racer. I have run a couple of Race Cars in closed practice and ran real fast, but put 25 other guys out there and I wuss out. That's why I build engines and crew for the car.
  19. 58 Apache


    :clap:love Well you have done it again Mister Russel. I can only tell you Clyde afer diving one of Ronnie's engines similar to yours you will need them use a lot of lead when they do the body work. :laugh
  20. 58 Apache

    Tripower Carb Specs

    :D Thank You Cecil I have been looking for that info for a while I heed to tune a set up and always like knowing what was there to start with.