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  1. Nuts

    Sad News :( Prayers needed please

    Biopsy was simple one they got all the set up done. Couple of days before we know the results.
  2. Nuts

    Gas on the rise again?

    While traveling in AZ we bought gas for 1.04 ! But it never got below 1.75 here in Boise ???
  3. Nuts

    Sad News :( Prayers needed please

    Thought I'd give everyone an update on this adventure. Linda started feeling a little better so we left Tucson without doctors approval. Took 5 days to get back to home. Took linda in to the doctor on Monday to get checked out. She was still improving and by the time we left the off she was...
  4. Nuts

    Look at them crappies!

    Interesting that the fish are in direct proportion to the boys ??? Bill
  5. Nuts

    Supernatural '67 Impala

    At least it was a more door and not a big block SS hardtop !! Still hate to see one torn up.
  6. Nuts

    riddler award

    When I saw this I thought of a Corvair !!!
  7. Nuts

    Happy Birthday! PHIL !

    I'm with Ray, seems like just last week it was his birthday ? He's probably changing the dates so he gets more cake !!! Well Happy Birthday when ever it is... Bill
  8. Nuts

    For members in need.

    Ray - That is great I will join you !
  9. Nuts

    Upgrades ???

    Did stop by his club house, oh wait he said it was his office ? He figured out I was a begger not shopper so he has left us alone !!!
  10. Nuts

    Upgrades ???

    Phil We are still in Tucson, it's been a slow process getting her well enough to travel. She has appointment on Thursday, maybe CT scan from there. Bill
  11. Nuts

    Upgrades ???

    Bob did you do an upgrade on the site or is my puter going out again? All the color and background is changed Bill
  12. Nuts

    Sunday morning....

    :roll:roll:roll:roll:laugh:laugh:laugh That's is toooooo funny.
  13. Nuts

    Sad News :( Prayers needed please

    Still in Tucson so 1200 miles to get home. Not sure when the doctors will release her to travel. May have to move in with Cecil. Bill
  14. Nuts

    Sad News :( Prayers needed please

    Well Linda is back in the MH with Abby and me. She is still weak but getting better i hope ! This being a nurse 24/7 is alot of work. Bill
  15. Nuts

    Sad News :( Prayers needed please

    Update. Linda is much improved and may get released from the hospital tomorrow which scares me. I don't know how I'll take care of her in the MH lost get enough of to get her back to the house. Bill
  16. Nuts

    Congratulations! Phil and Candy

    Congratulations Phil and Candy !!!:4th1
  17. Nuts

    Sad News :( Prayers needed please

    All the thoughts and prayers are helping ! She is out of ICU and improving. All the support for her and I are appreciated. Bill and Linda
  18. Nuts

    Sad News :( Prayers needed please

    Thanks everyone. Guess it's going to be a slow recovery. Appreciate all the prayers and thoughts. Bill
  19. Nuts

    Lotsa GAS !

    Now how do I get that image out of my brain !!!:crazy:dunno
  20. Nuts

    Sad News :( Prayers needed please

    Need prayers for Linda, she is in the ICU here in Tucson. She has pneumonia and she is really having problems kicking it out. Took her in on Saturday in alot of pain and she is still fighting hard. Bill