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  1. benchseat4speed

    Thompson 348/409 event 2020 Is on September 11-12th

    Yeah Bryan, did you get your engine torn down yet??
  2. benchseat4speed

    Ralley Wheels =Speedway

    Kelsey Hayes or nothin’. Can’t stand repop wheels. All chinese garbage. Just my .02
  3. benchseat4speed

    1963 409 complete long block - $7,000

    Bore gauge or snap gauge. Bought one when I started this whole W endeavor. Verrry handy little tool.
  4. benchseat4speed

    Obamagate coming to a Theater near you

    You know what I think about it.
  5. benchseat4speed prep

  6. benchseat4speed

    Americans & Guns?????

    Ha! Well, yeah a little bit I gotta get some sleep. Just watched the feature on Warren Johnson on Comp Plus TV. Get politics out of my head for today. I hope I have pro stock dreams.
  7. benchseat4speed

    Lamar 482 for sale

    Seems kinda fishy. Federal mogul doesn’t make 12.5:1 pistons for a W....10k for an engine that’d be 20k to duplicate, plus dyno time, plus assembly cost....someone is losing their butt if this ad is real.
  8. benchseat4speed

    Americans & Guns?????

    Straight up. That ‘eulogy’ of his the other day made my blood boil :furious:furious:furious:furious Sadistic POS. Can’t stand that two faced limp wrist candy bum communist jerk off. If I’m OTL lemme know I’ll quit just don’t ban me:)
  9. benchseat4speed

    Americans & Guns?????

    Yup^^^^ Great society my butt. He’s in the ‘worst category’ with Wilson, Carter, Obama....
  10. benchseat4speed

    3 spd on the column and a 409

    Dang Heddrick, that’s a rare one!! Post pics of the side cover if you can. Very cool you’re keepin’ a three on the tree:good Here’s to the SM318, worst 3 speed trans Chevrolet ever used :smash:smash:smash:smash. I hate that thing. Was hot stuff when it came out in 1934(ish), didn’t retire it...
  11. benchseat4speed

    Americans & Guns?????

    Yup, well said Bartman:salute
  12. benchseat4speed

    Americans & Guns?????

    You boys don’t go around startin’ s—t but gat damn you can finish it!!!:laughing:laughing:laughing:laughing It’s a good thing I never saw this thread when he first posted it, woulda been all hot under the collar....such an ignorant, passive/aggressive question. Then he gets flame in return and...
  13. benchseat4speed

    Lugee floating in coffee.

    Look at that mugshot. Quintessential scuzzy hair, patchy millennial beard, moms basement, no skills, video game douchebag. Spit in my coffee I’m gonna beat your ass.
  14. benchseat4speed

    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    ‘61 posts are makin’ a comeback!!! So many cool cars. Sorry to hear about the rain guys... Pat that Colbert car is AWESOME in the true sense of the word:bow:bow:bow:bow:bow
  15. benchseat4speed

    Bought a tornado Thursday night!!!

    Always hate to hear of lifetime gearheads kickin’ the bucket, cuz they ain’t being replaced:(:(:(:( Phil, you still have your red Bel Air??
  16. benchseat4speed

    Rock N Race 2020 Lets make it even bigger and better than last year

    Crusher sure looks mean!! It wears that new look well w/skinnys up front and a glass hood:good scoop looks great too!! Me like a lot.
  17. benchseat4speed

    Anybody seen the Sept 2019 Hot Rod article on the 1960 348 4 spd. Impala found in Idaho junkyard?

    Yup. My favorite x-frame’s. 60 and 63. Stole that one outta Colorado, Brian! Neat car that thing’s gorgeous:good My elco was also black, 900A. I should sell it to BSL and buy it back from him;) You’ll catch Steve Magneto slippin’ every now and then, not very often tho. He’s one of my heroes...
  18. benchseat4speed

    63 Impala SS 409- restoration

    Dang you sure work fast! Nice metalwork too looks good. Yup, gotta have the original wheel on a 63 Impala:goodone of chevrolet’s finest.
  19. benchseat4speed

    How long will an M22 Muncie hold up to 500hp?

    There’s your trans superstocker!!^^^^ 1000 bucks and you’re in business!! For a long time if you’re disciplined. Run it til you blow it up, and rebuild or step up!
  20. benchseat4speed

    How long will an M22 Muncie hold up to 500hp?

    I feel like the definition of ‘clutchless’ would only apply to a compound or planetary trans like a Lenco, constant engagement like you said. All sliding gear transmissions hit neutral between shifts. Maybe I’m using the term ‘clutchless’ loosely or wrong?? What’s trans is in your Barracuda, Russ?