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    Happy 4th of July Guys...
  2. tripower

    Happy Birthday! tripower

    Hey guys, thanks for all the Birthday wishes. Sorry I haven't checked in here much but I still think of all the great members here. I was in Phil's neck of the woods this spring and thought we might be able to get together but the timing was not good. I'm just finishing up one project my 1955...
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    Samsung Frig.

    This was my first thought as well Jim...:lmao Carmine you left yourself wide open on this one....:poke
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    Congrats to DonSSDD

    Very nice Don...:good
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    Happy Birthday! BOB

    Happy Birthday Bob...
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    2 hours.......

    We got screwed here in Washington...:furious I think its time to move...:bang The city rats rule the state...:barf1
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    Happy Birthday! Chevy Man

    Happy Birthday Ken...:birthday
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    Twenty years ago this month...

    Sweet 63 Tom...:deal
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    Getting a little tired of Show Cars!

    Dealing with some of the people at Show Cars can be a chalenge I agree but, for what its worth purchasing any reproduction Chinese switch or any Chinese electrical parts, that was your first mistake. Find yourself a original light switch clean it up and it will work another 50 years.
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    62 Vent window size

    Bob is correct convertible has the top of the casting rounded over. The rest of the ht castings are the same.
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    62 Vent window size

    61 & 62 2dr & 4-dr ht wing windows are the same and will interchange. 61 & 62 2dr & 4 dr sedan wing windows are the same and will interchange What exactly are you looking for I may have it?
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    Happy Birthday! Tripower

    Thanks guys for the birthday wishes. It was a good day. Went down to Astoria climbed up 125' to the top of the Astoria Column then had lunch at the Portway Tavern, established 1923 and still in business, the checked out the Columbia River Maritime Museum.
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    Aftermarket trailing arm weld on brackets?

    Just cut off the original lower and panhard bar brackets and make the uppers, piece of cake... Also note that he drivers side upper bracket is mounted 1" further inboard then the passenger side.
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    Help number guys

    If you take a closer look the suffix # is likely T0118QG And the casting # 3830814 What is the production date on your cal tag if this is in the original car?
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    Thanks for the addition!

    Welcome aboard.
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    Legalized Marijuana

    Here in Washington they put it on the ballet a few years back and it passed. Of course it was Seattle and the other large metropolitan liberal cities along the I-5 coridor that out vote the majority of the rest of the rural state so were stuck with it. You guys bring up the medical benefits and...
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    Quarter Glass Install 1963 Impala Hardtop

    Like Phil said check with a glass shop, The setting tape comes in different thicknesses.
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    Steering column interchange....

    Only one Bill,,,:poke
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    Happy Birthday Rickys61

    Happy Birthday Little Buddy...:birthday