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  1. quik9r

    New York Shaker

    65 impala had plastic oil line going to the factory gauge cluster.
  2. quik9r

    New York Shaker

    educate me, what is special about that master, bore size? what is the part number
  3. quik9r

    1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe 409 4-Speed in Rhinebeck, NY

    the numbers are the correct font... and look like other Baltimore stampings.
  4. quik9r

    Restarting my 348 project!!

    Tim, You in good hands...those rocker arms will be overkill for you are doing Kevin
  5. quik9r

    348 Tri-Power Build gone wrong!!!!

    Who is the motor guy in Ontario doing the work?
  6. quik9r

    Edlebrock water pump

    Thanks Guys, I feel like the flange is mounted deeper than it should be. I put a double deep groove pulley and tried a rough measure on the bench and it seems closer to pump then the current stock pump. Again just messing around.
  7. quik9r

    Edlebrock water pump

    I was looking at my new pump from June 15 2007. I believe this is part of the early lot numbers? Any issues with factory pulleys lining up when installed on this 8858 pump? Did anyone notice any difference with the pump other then weight? Bored in the garage and messing around with deep...
  8. quik9r

    Slow build 1962

    what is the recommended clutch break in from the manufacturer? What does Ram or Mcleod suggest?
  9. quik9r

    409 exhaust system

    found another old video same car
  10. quik9r

    409 exhaust system

    502 cubic inch 9.7-1 motor Full length tube header(2 1/8 primary) 3 inch mandrel bent all the way back in factory location 3 inch 2 chamber flowmaster 40 compression and camshaft can make all the difference in the world to sound... example L88 or ZL-1 outside inside
  11. quik9r

    Carter 3362s (found one still need another)

    3362 (right side in pics) ONLY for sale. $400.00US plus shipping. shipping is an issue for both countries at the moment. I have had good luck with postal service.
  12. quik9r

    Old timer throwing gears!

    He has the tranny set up like his sons 67 chevelle that is also used at Pure Stock Drags... not using clutch for 2-3 3-4. Charlie the Mayor from Mass area I think.
  13. quik9r

    Carter 3362s (found one still need another)

    3362 is worth 400+ plus all day long and then rebuilt. The correct stuff will also bring fair money
  14. quik9r

    Edlebrock Waterpump with deep grove pulley

    is that a two piece pulley?
  15. quik9r

    NOS 553 Bellhousing

    Never been on car. 475.00 US plus the Ride. The rubber clutch fork boot is not NOS.
  16. quik9r

    Another Kingswood wagon

    is that a factory run in the primer?
  17. quik9r

    1961 Bel Air 2 door post, 348 4 speed BC

    one piece bumpers!! LA built I bet, west coast canadian car
  18. quik9r

    Safe cooling system flush procedure

    Royal Purple makes Purple Ice and it will lower under temps by 10 degrees. Corvette guys like it.
  19. quik9r

    Wanted - 553 bellhousing

    I have a NOS 553 bellhousing I may part with. PM me direct. Never been bolted up to anything
  20. quik9r

    62 Power steering

    Awesome. Thanks for the pic. This is very helpful