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  1. jim_ss409


    Way to go! :clap
  2. jim_ss409

    New Z12 409 High performance Heads

    "Only 930 hp" :allright Way to go!!! :clap
  3. jim_ss409

    Won an IHRA Ironman!

    Way to go!!! :beer
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    Back home!

    Way to go! :beer I'm betting you'll be good as new in no time. You might even land a TV series :rub
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    BOB 'S Z-11 MOTOR

    Looks great!!! :beer Way to go!!!
  6. jim_ss409

    Bo not feeling well !

    That sounds pretty good. :well With a little luck he'll be good as new soon.
  7. jim_ss409

    Wonder if this has ever been trued on a W engine?

    I almost tried something similar, although it wouldn't have been as elegant and well engineered as the way Kasse did it. Apparently, if you can increase the length of the port in the area between the short turn and the valve seat, the port will flow a lot more air. If you look at the two pipes...
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    First production set of..........

    They sure look good! :beer
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    Drag race rear suspension advice needed!

    Our X frame cars tend to have the instant center too far ahead, but on many leaf spring cars, the instant center is too high and too far back. Those leaf spring cars will crush the tires and lift the body, but the hit is often too violent, causing the tire to rebound and the suspension to hit...
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    This old 409 went 4 rounds at Super Chevy

    Way to go!!! :beer
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    Drag race rear suspension advice needed!

    Generally speaking, having the car squat on the launch is not a good thing. It kind of looks fast because it looks like you're transferring weight to the rear suspension,,, and in fact you are transferring weight but the problem is that the suspension is absorbing the weight rather than...
  12. jim_ss409

    Denny Ford getting some air at Norwalk

    You might consider starting a new thread. There are plenty of guys on here that can give solid advice on making the car run quicker. The intake you described works very well on a hot 476, but it won't make as much difference on a mild engine with a smaller cam and restrictive exhaust. The ported...
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    Sad News :( Allen George

    I was very happy to hear that Allen won that Wally trophy. He lived a big life right to the end.
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    2018 HOLLEY NHRA Hot Rod Reunion Bowling Green 409 Shootout June 14-16

    Great job on the videos!!! :beer Thanks. :clap
  15. jim_ss409

    2018 HOLLEY NHRA Hot Rod Reunion Bowling Green 409 Shootout June 14-16

    Yes, it looks like Barry will be getting the car. We just have to get everything cleared with US customs. That shouldn't be a problem. We had a great time! It sure was nice seeing everybody again. You'll never meet a finer group of people that the 348/409 group! I have to thank everybody...
  16. jim_ss409

    2018 HOLLEY NHRA Hot Rod Reunion Bowling Green 409 Shootout June 14-16

    WOW!!! :beer I'm sure you know this but,,, 5.66 in the eighth mile should put you in the high eights in the quarter mile. :clap
  17. jim_ss409

    Allen George Jr. Wins Atco

    Way to go!!! :clap
  18. jim_ss409

    Out for the season

    I'm sorry to hear you can't make it to Bowling Green. It sounds like you have a good surgeon, so you should be free from pain soon after the operation. I hope it all goes well.
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    Crazy other critters thread.

    Reminds me of this one...
  20. jim_ss409

    409's at the Gasser Reunion

    That 55 looks great! :beer Sounds like that Nova is really flying... :bow9.78 @ 138 :alarmed We're also hoping to make it to Bowling Green Wednesday,,, if we can get an early enough start.