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  1. 63impalass409

    #3857656 409 questions

    That casting number can be a car or truck block but by looking at the left front of the block the 2 bosses look to be drilled and tapped for truck mounts. What is the stamped. code in front of passenger side cylinder head on the machined flat edge?
  2. 63impalass409

    Correct 409 block color?

    All this talk about 65 exhaust manifolds made me buy another pair tonight ugh.
  3. 63impalass409

    Correct 409 block color?

    How about running the paper fram element such as the ch200pl I believe in the factory can? I have those in all 5 of my hoopties
  4. 63impalass409

    Correct 409 block color?

    I saw that right after I posted that, long day in the sun doing yard work
  5. 63impalass409

    Correct 409 block color?

    65 exhaust manifolds ain't gonna fit in a 63
  6. 63impalass409

    3 spd on the column and a 409

    I thought in the show cars catalog it shows different length driveline for different trans or maybe I was dreaming again
  7. 63impalass409

    BobsYourUncle joining the group and saying hi to all

    Don't give up!!!! Hell my first wife took my 68 rsss 396 4 speed Camaro that I just finished.
  8. 63impalass409

    MA Wanted Right Lower Control Arm for a 1962

    Those two sets of z11 control arms are worth a pretty penny ha ha
  9. 63impalass409

    MA Wanted Right Lower Control Arm for a 1962

    6 cylinder cars and Z 11 no sway bar
  10. 63impalass409

    New York Shaker

    Looks sweet but is that a plastic oil pressure line? Better get rid of that before those fenders melt! Ask me how I know.
  11. 63impalass409

    63-64 Options and accessories

    I kick myself in the ass as a year or little more ago a guy had an nos 65 remote mirror complete and wanted 1000 for it but I made him a low offer and he countered and I passed and it sold the same night, given same opportunity I would have paid full price and sent him flowers.
  12. 63impalass409

    63-64 Options and accessories

    If you do decided to sell it can you keep us nice guys on this site in mind before you go the fee bay route?
  13. 63impalass409

    63-64 Options and accessories

    63 64 tilt is different and with a factory tach there is a notch in the column, no 63 wood wheel or remote mirror just 64 and up. Remote mirrors are currently bringing insane prices and is one of the few options I would still like to get for my 65 convert. One of my 63's had the tilt with tach.
  14. 63impalass409

    348 Tri-Power Build gone wrong!!!!

    That is nutz!!!! Never seen a piston crack like that!! What was the oil pressure like with the slightly gouched bearings? Good think you got it back apart when you did.
  15. 63impalass409

    Detergent or Non?

    I do like the bung idea though poster above
  16. 63impalass409

    Detergent or Non?

    Spin on filters make a mess when you crack them loose also right? Or is that just mine? I always crack the canister loose and let it drain off the top into my bucket just like a spin on. Just fyi I only have the spin on one's on our gear at work and my daily driver, all 5 of my older cars have...
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    I had the same poster of Heather also!!!! Many of crunchy socks looking at that as a young teen.
  18. 63impalass409

    Loctite, inlet manifold

    I used the red on my 929 intake also
  19. 63impalass409

    348 Engine for sale

    Bumps the add to the top of the list again so fellow members see it again.