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  1. 4onthefloor

    Maxine Pad

    Themayor of Chicago has her beat...unreal
  2. 4onthefloor

    RIP Ruth Bader Ginsberg

    I hope they do push a nice conservative judge thru. Thats the issue I am voting on in November anyway. If there is going to be any hope for the country it lies ina SC that has constitutionalists. Not nitwits that think its a living document open to wacko interpretations.
  3. 4onthefloor

    Park brake parts needed

    Found levers. Just need the right and left center struts if anyone has a pair
  4. 4onthefloor

    Battery "kill switch" question

    Jerry...the post is 7 years old. Its either fixed or the garage is burnt down by now !
  5. 4onthefloor

    4 speed shifter
  6. 4onthefloor

    4 speed shifter

    Call Showcars. They can probably help you ot for sure.
  7. 4onthefloor

    4 speed shifter

    If you want it to look like the stock 61 wiggly shifter Show ars has one that looks like original and bolts up to Hurst
  8. 4onthefloor

    1962 Carter AFB Problem

    I had the same problem and found there was slop where the throttle arm connects to the throttle shaft. Also take a look and see if the throttle blades are not fitting evenly in the venturi bores. I have had to loosen the 2 screws on each blade and realign Them.
  9. 4onthefloor

    Slick '63 wagon drag car

    I miss the Meltdown Drags at Byron. Sadly they are going to decommision the nuke plant that was always just steaming away when you look down the track. Took me a while to figure out the event t-shirt was glow in the dark.
  10. 4onthefloor

    Best in Class award yesterday

    That is beautiful !
  11. 4onthefloor

    Automotive Parts Icon JC Whitney Nameplate Fades Into The Night

    Went to Warshawski’s Chicago store many many times
  12. 4onthefloor

    Have problem

    Buddy is a BMW me hanic at dealer. They had a few hih end Bimmers come in that hydraliced after a nasty rain a month or so ago. The air intakes are very low in front. That has to suck.
  13. 4onthefloor

    What Has America Become?

    I have a 442 Performance Center which was slicked up by factory. But I would not recommend a small .38 to start with . .22 mag is better. Anything is better than nothing and I know I would not want to get shot with a .22 or anything else !
  14. 4onthefloor

    Park brake parts needed

    Need both left and right side park brake levers and struts. PM me bob
  15. 4onthefloor

    Interesting sound deadening material

    Jeez man. You just made me feel really old.
  16. 4onthefloor

    Parking brake parts missing !

    Pulleys came today. They are really close on the ID. OD perfect. Paul or James if you guys can check your parts for the 4 pieces inside the backing plates I can figure out how to get this done. Rather pay you guys than some unknown being on Faceplant or Craigslist. Still cant figure out how...
  17. 4onthefloor

    Parking brake parts missing !

    My cables are just tucked behind the brake shoe. Odd.
  18. 4onthefloor

    Parking brake parts missing !

    I will need both sides. Just the inside pieces. The white pieces and orange pieces pictured above for both sides. Certainly don’t have to be pretty since I drive this old pig. I think there are 2 clips, 2 wave washers and 2 springs but those can probably be had and were used in other...
  19. 4onthefloor

    Riots Tonight

    Its a very top shelf law firm handling the kid.
  20. 4onthefloor

    Parking brake parts missing !

    That kind of makes sense actually. This body has under 9k miles on it and it sat since 1968. I have had it over 10 years and when I got it I went thru the brakes and did notice theywere disconnected .