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    1st thing you replaced/repaired/built?

    When I was 16 I got the go ahead to rebuild Dad's Q-jet off his 327. Took me a little bit but I got it done and the car ran perfect. After I bought my 1st Holley only then did I realize how much more work a Q-jet was.
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    Riots Tonight

    Hey don't call him a cracker, he's taking his I want to be black pills.
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    Riots Tonight

    Gender degree? Bwhahahahaha.
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    Riots Tonight

    The little pricks were rioting in PA last night after another felon was shot trying to kill a cop. We need to set these clowns up, send them to a trap and arrest them all when they walk into the trap. Send them to gitmo as terrorist combatants that they are for treason.
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    Racist Repubeicans

    Did anyone notice it's blacks who are the big crybabies in this country? No other race balls their eyes out as much as blacks do. Don't like it here? then f-ing leave already. Africa is just waiting for you to come home.
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    Paint ball guns

    Some bitch tried to take my Trump sign in 2016. She got a rude awakening when I confronted her. She was pretty close to getting backhand bitchslaped but I escorted her to the curb and told her if she came back she would get shot next time.
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    Dems want to run the country?

    Those are all great, those scum want to ruin everything and turn the USA into a shithole. They have a good start but we can stop them one way or another.
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    Slick '63 wagon drag car

    Even with my old tri-power 348 I would bust rear ends like they were candy, that was with not much hp.
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    How well can you back up a trailer???

    When I was young I could backup with the tow truck like there was no tomorrow just used the mirrors. With a car trailer and my truck, I suck at backing up.
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    Spot On

    Holy crap, that's the "new" truth.
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    Bucket T poor performance

    Take the power valves out and plug them, jet the carbs up about 6-8 jet sizes and see how it runs.
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    Bucket T poor performance

    If these 600's are on a Tunnel ram get rid of them and put 2 Eddy 1405's on there. The Eddys have better idle circuits and are much easier to tune on those tall intakes. The 1st t-ram I had was one with 2 450 Holley's, while the car ran real well with them the adjusting the idle always was a...
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    Riots Tonight

    I have said it before, we should use the Loot and Shoot method. You loot We get to Shoot at "YOU"
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    Exclusive club

    Stopped watching after Larry Bird retired, done with the National Baboon Assholes
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    CNN Fake news

    Yup that's all it takes but noooooo, I have to be a tough guy wit da po po. If you are innocent you have nothing to worry about.
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    Creepy Uncle Joe

    I don't care, that is f-ing funny money.
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    Big Block stocker

    Always wished I never would have sold my BBC tri-power. Those are super cool.
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    Creepy Uncle Joe