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  1. Windingout

    Moved to Parrysound

    Hi folks. I have not been on for about 2 years. There has been a lot going on . Sold my business, retired and moved from Hamilton On to Parrysound On . All my time has been spent on construction converting the cottage to a home. The project work on my 63 SS 409 4 speed had stopped. I have still...
  2. Windingout

    Double flare tool for tubing, need a good one.

    Having sold tools for 31 years I recomend the Mastetcool hydraulic set that should sell for $400 or less. That is pricey for occasional use so Imperial is next best. Trouble free and it does what it is intended to do. The one in the pic looks like an Old Forge unit and does slip on the larger...
  3. Windingout

    Rear end fit questions

    I have a 63 impala with a 12 bolt in it. The conversion was done by the previous owner so I can describe what is there but I have no detail on the exact parts that were used. They used the lower spring mounts/ control arms from the Chevelle donner car. They appear to have bolted right in place...
  4. Windingout

    Effect of compression on horse power

    I am pondering what pistons to use in my single notch 409 truck engine. I have 690 heads with a miild port job. They have been spray welded and resurfaced to repair pitting. My target HP would be about 450. The question is what compression do I have to run to get to 450. The car will be used for...
  5. Windingout

    TES (tool envy syndrome)

    This condition is real. I owned and operated a Mac Tools business for 32 years. I saw thousands of young men and a few young women with the condition. The really bad ones I called tool junkies ,myself being included. The funniest ones were the people who were not working at a shop who never saw...
  6. Windingout

    You know you're a car guy when..

    When you use bondo for filling gouges in the door trim when repainting your house instead of wood filler.
  7. Windingout

    Steering wheel rings

    Thanks for the help guys.
  8. Windingout

    Steering wheel rings

    Does anyone have a source for the little chrome rings found on early Impalas?
  9. Windingout

    Large port head valve relief volume in CC's ?

    Check later on this section, posted by jim_ss409 Dec 8 2015 around page 4 or 5 the post said 690 heads are about 8cc. There is earlier posts comparing eddy's to 690 heads at 7 or 8cc. With eddys around 13 if I remember correctly.
  10. Windingout

    Crazy cat thread

    The difference between dogs and cats.... Dogs have masters... Cats have servants.
  11. Windingout

    690 valve guide bosses.

    Thanks Phil
  12. Windingout

    690 valve guide bosses.

    Hi fellows. I have a pair of 690 heads that have differant valve guide bosses. The one is smaller diameter than the other and this concerns me. It looks weak when comparing them and may cause a problem. If the smaller boss has been modified would this have been for double springs or is this...
  13. Windingout

    Best way to build a 350 hp 348

    I have a brand new eddy small port single 4 barrel manifold# 7158 I am not going to use and a good set of 379 heads cheap.
  14. Windingout

    690 heads without pinned rocker studs.

    I have a pair of 690 heads. 1has pinned rocker studs and valve guide bosses around 1" diameter with casting number CFD. and 68 with GM1 between them. The second has no pinned rocker studs and valve guide bosses around 9/16 diameter. The number is G2581. My question is dors anyone what years...
  15. Windingout

    Drive Shaft Tutorial for newbies

    Hi guys. Everytime I read one of these discussions I find myself facing the same issues you guys have been through. Then the knowlege flows like molten gold. My 63 project was a previous drag car and has been converted to a one piece drive shaft. That is small diameter about the size of the...
  16. Windingout


    Now that is really neat and portable too.
  17. Windingout

    409 068 truck block compression

    I just want to take a second a thank all you guys for sharing your time and knowledge to help me understand these issues.
  18. Windingout

    409 068 truck block compression

    How do you know what your piston to deck height is going to be before you order pistons?Is this something the manufacturer accounts for when machining the pistons or is this something you measure after receiving the pistons and then modify them after you see how high they come. If they do not...
  19. Windingout

    409 068 truck block compression

    Yes,the 068 is listed as a car block and I thought I hit pay dirt until I found out from you guys what those big notches were for. This motor came out of a fire truck and is a Canadian motor. The plant code off the front pad is T03210D and is not listed. I suspect this may have come out of the...
  20. Windingout

    409 068 truck block compression

    Hi guys I am planning my engine build and I would like some opinions on the compression ratio I should run. I have a 62 truck block casting 068 going into a 63 Impala 2 door hardtop. Iam going to run the car 90% street and 10% strip or something like that. You know how the racing bug creeps in...