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    59 belair on craigslist Omaha ne./listed under boats

    1959 belair 2 dr. 4sp. small block possible trade for air boat around $10 k ? shows pict. of car. phone# 402 980 5735 RALPH Listed on craigslist on craigslist OMAHA NE. MARCH 16 . Who knows he might sell outright ,
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    Democratic Caucuses a catastrophe!

    Sounds like TRUMP WON
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    Schiff: Trump will sell Alaska to the Russians if we don't Impeach him

    Living proof our democRATS in office are " DICK HEADS " , and they also have WOMEN DICK HEADS , and that is not a pretty site !!! LOL
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    A little aluminum tig welding

    Looks like a pretty fine weld !!!
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    New to group

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    PS pump issue

    Bought a pump flow restrictor 1.3 gal. per min. from TURNONE HIGH PERFORMANCE STEERING SYSTEMS , it took care of all the issues I was having with my steering , good people to deal with great tech service , family owned and made in America ! Tried SPEEDWAY MOTOR first , theirs was 2gal. per min...
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    Sold the 1962 SS 409

    I would have a hard time sleeping at night letting something that "NICE" go down the road , BUT THAT BLUE 61 IS PRETTY FINE ALSO !!! :good SMITTYS09
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    PS pump issue

    Thanx for all the suggestions , I ordered a flow reducer from Speedway that JIM SULLIVAN mentioned ,I am going to try it and see what happens , might be a cheap and easy fix !!! Keep ya posted
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    PS pump issue

    Can anyone tell me if their is a difference in the internal works of a saginaw ps pump from Oriellys -$50 and one from show cars or wherever -$150 ?I have the least expensive " CHEAPEST " ,and I am trying to lower the pressure, I bought BORGENSONS ps pressure reducing kit with the 5 metal shims...
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    "VERY SHARP RIDE" :good
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    I switched from 8 to 10 about a month ago when I had to buy a new computer , no problem , I turn it on , type in 348/ ,go to forums and I am good to go , some might notice I have been logged on for the last 2 or more weeks , not to worry , saves me time in the long run , sometimes I...
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    Newby- Prolly Buying A '63 (clone) Biscayne 409-425

    Good looking car , and you look awful happy to be the new owner, you have plenty of time to work out the little issues, and make it what you want!! With the help of these guys you will finish it in no time . GOOD LUCK , SMITTYS09:winner
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    Not a 409, just one c.i. short, dubbed "dash one"

    Looks like a newer version of the FARM TRUCK on the STREET OUTLAWS , it will definitely get you to take notice when the light turns green!!!! VERY COOL
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    Newbie from Ohio

    WELCOME ,you did a very nice job on your build , GREAT looking car!!!!!
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    New to this forum

    WELCOME , Very nice cars!!!!! This is a great "INSTITUTION" to get a great EDUCATION on "W" CARS or on any other matter what so ever????
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    bucket seats

    THANK YOU AGAIN , SOUNDS UNAMINOUS , :good poor spelling
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    bucket seats

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    bucket seats

    Will 64 IMP. bucket seats fit a 62 IMP. WITH NO ISSUES LIKE ARE THEY THE SAME AS THE 62'S Any help will help??? thanx Smitty
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    New to forum

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    Another newbie and new to all that is 409

    Welcome to the site , nice starter car , and you can't ask to many questions here , I know that for a fact ????? smitrtys09