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    carpet 1958 yeoman

    Looking for carpet and headliner for a 1958 yeoman . Will carpet from a 1958 4 door work ?
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    348 power steering brackets

    Hi i just got new power steering brackets for my 348 from show cars part # 6640 .Help where do they mount ? what size bolt holes and where do i drill ? If someone has pictures with # 6640 brackets on a 348 would be great . thanks
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    Hi has anyone tried to put in a 348 in a 1960 c10 ? any trick or advice ?
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    leaking rear wheel bearing

    Mine leaked twice the second time I did it I installed the axle with some black RTV so far so good .If it leaks again I going to pull the axle have the axle polished about 2 inches away from bearing install a seal in the axle tube , you can find a seal by dimensions via good auto parts store...
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    power steering HELP

    GREAT news I was trying to mount the pitman arm straight back WRONG must be mounted 90 degrees to the driver side . Now it fits and don`t hit THANKS for all the help
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    power steering HELP

    No, all the parts are stock I drove this car the two things I changed was 605 steering box and the adapter plate. I called the place I got the plate at they said they sold many of these adapter plates and never had a problem with them ,I know it is a 605 box because it is stamped 605 and the...
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    power steering HELP

    Sorry no pics I will try to post some, as for wrong pitman arm it a stock arm it is the only one that will fit a 605 thanks
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    power steering HELP

    Hi , I installed a 605 steering box in my 1964 impala it has STOCK manual steering parts I bought the adapter plate new 605 box I know it is a 605 because of the round clip on top and 605 # on it . I mounted the box BUT I can not install the pitman arm because I can not push the draglink back...
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    1964 windshields clips

    Hi I have a 1964 impala 2 door hardtop I got the car with no glass in it. I bought front and rear clips but don't know where they go ,do they go in before the glass ? Does anyone have pictures where they go ?
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    What carb ????

    Hi I have a gm aircleaner with a 4 1/4 hole in the base plate does it fit a carter or rochester 4 barrel ? It is going on a 327 I have the factory intake looking for a carb any suggestion ? thanks
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    small port large port

    Thanks for all your help , this IS the place forW block information !!!!!!
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    small port large port

    What is the diffence between small port and large 348/ 409intake how can I tell the diffence ?Can you interchange small with large or large with small ?
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    348 rearmain seal

    But I dont want to be a cowboy !!!!!
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    Hi , I dont know where I am going to put it maybe pull the 327 out of the 64 or find a nice 1960 impala project car . I got the 348 at a good price so I HAD to buy it this is my first W block.
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    348 rearmain seal

    Hi, does anyone offer a rubber rearmain seal for a 1958 348 in place of a rope ???
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    Hi, I have a 1968 el camino ss 396 and a 1964 impala ss I am building a 1958 348 .