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  1. rsavage

    Friday night auto porn...

    It was sold by Crown Concepts but no price is listed. It had the top 348 3 deuce engine at the listed 335hp
  2. rsavage

    Nothing is ever easy

    My '62 had a crack in the paint in the middle of the hood where the PO closed it on the oil fill cap which was sitting on the air cleaner a few years ago. There was also a flaw in the trunk lid. I had talked to a local body shop about getting both reshot. He called me a week or so ago and told...
  3. rsavage

    Slow build 1962

    Just love that '62. Perfect look. Truly one of Chevy's best designs ever.
  4. rsavage

    These make me happy.

    Doesn't look like a turd at all.
  5. rsavage

    These make me happy.

    Thanks much. Big mess to clean up.
  6. rsavage

    These make me happy.

    Doing some sanding and varnishing on a chest. Have gone in and out of the garage for tools and supplies several times. Each time I do, I get a warm feeling glancing at the cars. They are usually covered up. When they are not, it’s like I am looking at the “chicks” thread - only these I can fondle.
  7. rsavage

    Tallest radial tire?

    You could go with a Coker American Classic which looks like a bias but is a radial construction. I have the whitewalls but they make blackwalls and you can get them over 29" high in 15"...
  8. rsavage


    Patience and continued soaking with a penatrant such as PB blast or Deep Creep and whacking on the back of your tire with your sledge. I never hit the rim as it will ruin it. If there are any holes in the wheel that will allow you to get the penetrant down along the face of the drum use those...
  9. rsavage

    This Time A 409

    Welcome! Beautiful car. Of course everyone knows the ‘62’s are the best looking.
  10. rsavage

    ORO62 - 50th anniversary 409

    Welcome! Stunning car.
  11. rsavage

    Home Wrecker New Best

    Seriously fast. Congratulations!
  12. rsavage

    Buff and fluff

    Looks great!
  13. rsavage

    1965 Impala SS 409 Convertible Evening Orchid

    Welcome! Beautiful car and a great history. Love the evening orchid color. I have a friend with a '65 hardtop (small block) sitting in his garage for many years in evening orchid. Hasn't been touched since at least 2008.
  14. rsavage

    1962 Convertible Impala Canadian

    Nice looking car. GLWTS.
  15. rsavage

    Sun tachometer 1961

    Welcome! Great looking '61.
  16. rsavage

    New rear gear recommendations

    I have 3.73's in my '62. I cruise around at 55 mph or so and the tach is at 2750. My '61 Corvette has 3.70 with a TKO600 My '70. GTO had 3.55 and my '65 had 323. The 3.23 was best obviously, at cruising at about 60 mph ( about 2500 rpms). All cars were muncie 4 speeds except the Corvette. I...
  17. rsavage

    Virus and HI-WAY Speed

    It has really been noticeable. I think people believe that they won't get pulled over as there has been much less enforcement in my area. I drive 60 mph on the 55 mph state highway I live on and people fly by me. My son lives in NC and everyone seems to drive much faster than the posted limit...
  18. rsavage

    Finally a real car show.

    One of 30 “Best in Show” so not a singular award. Thanks much .
  19. rsavage

    Finally a real car show.

    West Seneca NY - about 10 miles from Buffalo. 70 degrees and sunny. Will be back up to 80 or so this coming week.
  20. rsavage

    Finally a real car show.