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    409 4 barrel manifold

    I believe this is the ad he was trying to post.
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    409 4 barrel manifold

    I am a member.
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    409 4 barrel manifold

    Link don't work
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    Someone just bought a pretty nice 1964 SS 409 car on ebay. There the Facebook link but you gotta be a member to see the group posts
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    Edelbrock 5409
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    Crank / Water pulley

    348 Phil
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    Crank / Water pulley

    Looking to buy a double groove crankshaft pulley and water pulley. Trying to mock up for the power steering pump as I only have single groove pulleys.
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    3758021 head

    Block is double notch but says it 60 over already. Crank is underside also. If block wasn't 60 over i might get it.
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    3758021 head

    I recently was on Facebook Marketplace and saw an ad guy selling 348 block (011), crank and heads. After looking at the heads I was trying figure out casting numbers. Never seen that number and searched the fourm for that number also. Nothing came up. Is that truck head?
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    Built pump gas 409 based stroker

    Hagedorn I was seriously thinking about buying this motor. Saw it on FB since it was short block. I have good heads but you beat me to the punch lol. Have fun with motor.
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    348 engine to 380 in 55 Chevy

    My dad had the valves on the heads recessed or put higher in the head to avoid the pistons hitting. I remember saying this. The cam i don't remember.
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    Built pump gas 409 based stroker

    Yes you have to be a member to see.
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    348 engine to 380 in 55 Chevy

    Finally got the engine, manifolds and 500 power steering box mounted. Everything fitted as it was close. Had to grind the left manifold up top because it was hitting the steering box. Next is to mount the brake booster with me valve covers to check for clearance issues.
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    348 engine to 380 in 55 Chevy

    Update. Got these manifolds today. Gonna test fit manifolds, 500 steering box, center link with 3/4" forward engine mounts. If everything fits correctly. I can finally weld everything in place and move on to the next step.
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    He has stock 348 2" exhaust manifolds too just as expensive ‍♂️
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    283 intake

    I'm in the process of buying some exhaust manifolds from PA to CA. Shipping is $106 for standard or $158 for priority thru USPS. Weight in total is 28lbs.
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    348 value?

    I see in California compete engines going for 1400 to 2000. Most need rebuilds but I have seen blocks for less but most are been outside and rusted.
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    Custom Header

    I believe I saw this there at TriFive forum. Even with stock manifolds like the one my dad has (348 with 2" outlet) They fit without modifications. I haven't got that far yet but I'm debating on 65 stock manifolds or block huggers in the 55 chevy belair. Those Earle Williams motor mounts that...
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    New eBay Rules..

    I use PayPal for various transactions from selling stuff to receiving money. I used F&F with one bad incident but was lucky enough to get my money back. Their others ways to move money around via Cashapp or Venmo. There always new companies or ways with out paying fees that most companies are...
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    WA 409 -2"Exhaust Manifolds

    Those are 348 exhaust manifolds. Look up the numbers.