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  1. dakota tom

    409 starter problem

    If it was skipping teeth you would see damage. There is a one way clutch in the starter drive that could be bad.
  2. dakota tom

    Can one of you W hoarders build one of these?

    The only thing that may be a real auto part could be the charger. Old muffler?
  3. dakota tom


    Jeff, you work at a grain elevator if I remember right? A wanted poster could work for you. Some of the best collections I know of belong to old seed dealers.
  4. dakota tom

    For Sale in Denver

    I seen the photo on the news. Is where the ring landed. I think the ad is a joke.
  5. dakota tom

    Speedway motors 325 - 7158 SMALL PORT Edelbrock 348/409 intake

    The single four would be a good intake for a driver. Maybe a fuel injection on top. Maybe Edelbrock is not selling small port dual quad intakes to force head sales?
  6. dakota tom


    85. The Chryslers and mercurys got me.
  7. dakota tom

    Oil pressure line!

    I pulled engines out of two burnt cars. Both times the wire harness was crushed between the engine and trans.
  8. dakota tom

    A Day In The Office

    Tom K. I have an older diesel grasshopper mower with a snowblower attachment. That unit will move a lot of snow if it's less than ten inches deep. For the 4 foot or deeper drifts we get here there is a snowblower with two 4 foot fans. Works ok if you got 180 hp tractor on it.
  9. dakota tom

    Take me back.........

    Small block with 8 strombergs?
  10. dakota tom

    Z-11 parts

    There are a lot of dealers out there but damn few collectors left.
  11. dakota tom

    A winter storm is coming!

    To cold to snow much here. -27 South East South Dakota. Not unusual for late Dec or Jan but record low high temp of -8 yesterday. Water lines here are about 7 foot down. Cold and snow is part of life here.
  12. dakota tom

    Uncle Marv's HOT ROD , he has owned it over 50 years, still pretty hard to catch ! Cross rammed 409 "/ 4 speed, normally run with OPEN headers :)

    An uncle. Mom's brother in law, has a four door model A in the pasture bit it's missing two doors. I haven't seen it in about 40 years. I have a 58 430 Lincoln and Edelbrock 6x2 intake to use up. Now I know what it could look like. He says one of his boys is talking about rat rodding it on a...
  13. dakota tom

    T10 parts

    My 63 Catalina 389 tri power I've had since 1976 bought from a waitress is iron case. Another iron cased trans with a Pontiac trans mount on the shelf. Iron case out of a 63 Buick on the shelf. I'm talking U.S. production. Canadian cars are Chevy chassis.
  14. dakota tom

    T10 parts

    I think only Chevy used the aluminum case. They have a bowtie cast in them.
  15. dakota tom

    T10 parts

    I've got a 59 t10 iron case. My 63 Pontiac has an iron case.
  16. dakota tom


    Looks 429/460 to me.
  17. dakota tom

    Browning 71 wanted

    My father's cousin a mile away had some O gauge guns. His nephew stole them for drug money.
  18. dakota tom


    I think she did it for a charity calendar.
  19. dakota tom

    What do you ride?

    It was the shops machine. I didn't own it. I couldn't get a price out of my boss to buy it. I think they got afraid of a product liability lawsuit if someone got hurt. It was parked in the warehouse when I quit there in 1984. My past employers were getting a divorce and sold the dealership...
  20. dakota tom

    What do you ride?

    When the factory only built ATC 90s this was built. Winter project for a few days winter of 1975 at the Honda dealer I worked at. CR 250 frame. XL 250 engine and front end with the rear wheel laced to the front hub. MT 250 gas tank. CR 125 intake manifold. SL 350 header pipe. All salvage or...