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  1. Tom Kochtanek

    1962 clutch parts

    Just when I thought I had things sorted out, James stopped by and rearranged my inventory slightly. I was pretty correct on most parts, but the fork threw me a bit. Since James is putting one together for Joey's 62 Biscayne, he knows best :). Me, I printed out Paul's initial post and then...
  2. Tom Kochtanek

    COVID 19

    Wife and I are scheduled this Saturday for shot #2 (Moderna). Minor side effects on #1, nothing to be concerned about. I get to pick out anything I want to eat after getting any shot, so I'm going big :). The first shot was simple, no apprehension, easy stick and go after 15 minutes of...
  3. Tom Kochtanek

    Tooth's 68 Chevy ll Beater Project

    Tooth, according to Paul I've got a set of pedals for a 1963-4 Chevy that I can donate to the project :). Congrats! TomK
  4. Tom Kochtanek

    1962 clutch parts

    Paul, thanks soooo much for the ID details on the table top parts :} :} :}. As Robert states, time for me to sift through and select the correct parts for each install. And now I have a better idea of what might be "left over". Cheers! TomK
  5. Tom Kochtanek

    1962 clutch parts

    Trying to sort things out. Need two sets of components for 1962 Chevrolet clutch set ups. The parts in the middle (in the plastic bags) were sourced as repops from Show Cars. The ones on the left (with the silver Z bar) are complete and came off a 1962 Impala. The stuff on the RH side of...
  6. Tom Kochtanek

    61 impala 348-4spd

    Joey: Didn't you just sell your other '61 Impala? TomK
  7. Tom Kochtanek

    That Darn Dave

    The BA409 car has a set of iron 583s that Dan had his hands on :) :) :).
  8. Tom Kochtanek

    Master cylinder recommendations?

    Mike, I just ordered that MC from Summit, it was only $40. Might take a bit to get here given the weather... Thanks! TomK
  9. Tom Kochtanek

    Master cylinder recommendations?

    Manual all the way :). W engine as well! BTW, this "kit" went together with ease :). I am thinking I need to order another one for the next project :). Thanks! Tom
  10. Tom Kochtanek

    Master cylinder recommendations?

    I am looking to upgrade my '62 Biscayne to front disk brakes (purchased from Mike) and am pretty sure the dual master brake cylinder I was going to use for the prior drum-drum setup isn't the proper choice. I looked on RockAuto for a dual master cylinder and used the profile for an early 1970s...
  11. Tom Kochtanek

    Happy Birthday! Phil Reed

    Here's to you and to many more on your Special Day!!! Enjoy the temps getting above freezing for the first time in weeks, maybe fire up the 62 in the garage and enjoy the sounds? Cheers! TomK
  12. Tom Kochtanek

    Happy Birthday! nana1962409

    Hoping your Special Day was, well "special" :). Cheers! TomK
  13. Tom Kochtanek

    What do you use to move the snow

    After moving all that snow for my properties I tackled the driveways for both my boys. Each one owns four houses on the same street, so it's easy to zip over there and hit those. Then I get a call from my youngest who is vacationing in Florida. He had to tell me of his recent golf conquest...
  14. Tom Kochtanek

    What do you use to move the snow

    My pair of tools of destruction: As you can tell I am mainly manual and with these two tools I am capable of clearing about 50,000 square feet out near the mancave :). The wifey has commented that I need to acquire something with a plow on it...
  15. Tom Kochtanek

    bell housing 59-61 348

    Pretty sure those factory 348 bell housings were the "552" variety made of cast iron. Looks like you want to upgrade to the aluminum 553 piece :). Show Cars sells the clutch fork if I remember correctly.
  16. Tom Kochtanek

    This could have been your 61-62 hubcap ,

    They made the right decision :) :) :).
  17. Tom Kochtanek

    New member

    Nice engine compartment! Looks to be "very stock" :). Wristpin has been within 10 miles of this one and he never stopped by to take it home and finish it: I am taking some liberties in the engine bay: Cheers! TomK
  18. Tom Kochtanek

    Happy Birthday! HBD Wristpin..........

    Hey Brad, hope you're having a good one! Look forward to seeing you next time you're in town. Here's to many more :). Cheers! TomK
  19. Tom Kochtanek

    extra 409 block for sale

    Glad to hear that :). What was the malady?
  20. Tom Kochtanek

    Nova Gasser

    Nice fab work! Aren't you freezing in that garage? My garage at home is a balmy 27 degrees. The mancave is now operating with radiant heat and it's in the 60s :). Cheers! TomK