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  1. 64chevydude

    Happy Birthday! Phil Reed

  2. 64chevydude

    54 years ago today........

    You can't beat that! Better than hitting the lottery ! Congratulations Candy & Phil
  3. 64chevydude


    I also vote for the first picture! I pulled my bubble top home from North Carolina and only got one thumbs up in Ohio. But i was smiling all the way. If that big block is taking up much needed room in your shop id might be interested in it. Let me know. Cool story and car!
  4. 64chevydude

    Happy Birthday! Tom Kochtanek

    Happy birthday Tom!
  5. 64chevydude

    New home for Evans 65

    Its new home is about 30 minutes north of Detroit, some racing in its future for sure! Evan did a awesome job building! I can't wait til spring! Steve
  6. 64chevydude

    Stop the Steal Protest

    Tha autorama is fine at cobo, theres no place in the suburbs that would accommodate such a move.
  7. 64chevydude

    ROCK N RACE 2021 July 30-AUGUST 1st $3,000 IN PRIZE MONEY!!!

    Ill be there, 65 nova!
  8. 64chevydude

    Stop the Steal Protest

    Canada is worse than America! Theres no place to go to thats better and worth fighting for.
  9. 64chevydude

    Harley Sportsters

    Dont do it! You can get a big harley these days with low miles for less than 10g. Everyone i ever met that bought a sportster wished they bought a big bike.
  10. 64chevydude

    What did you pay for some of your cars?

    My dad was 26 when he bought this ford, said he could've bought a vette for the same money. Over 4g in 62 must of been alot
  11. 64chevydude

    What did you pay for some of your cars?

    In the late 90s i bought this c-gas 55, was hemi powered, straight axle, olds rear. He wanted 1500 for the hemi and 200 for the car without the hemi so i just bought the money for the engine.
  12. 64chevydude

    What did you pay for some of your cars?

    2nd car. While stationed at ft hood i found this 63. Whith a slight rod knock and a quart of oil every 3rd tank of gas i drove it from TX to Upstate NY and left it at my uncles til i got out. It cost me another $400 in 1983
  13. 64chevydude

    What did you pay for some of your cars?

    My first car, 1981 all i could see was tail lights, had alot of stuff stacked on top. $400 and it was mine til i finished high school. Sold it when i left for the Army.
  14. 64chevydude

    Welded car art

    Made some last year
  15. 64chevydude

    1965 Chevy II Nova wagon Sold!

    Was bad timing, but ya snooze ya loose. Racing is the plan!
  16. 64chevydude

    1965 Chevy II Nova wagon Sold!

    It will be at dragway 42 next year!
  17. 64chevydude

    Rim Clearance Question

    Here's something I found on Facebook. Powder coat weld draglites and use these adapters to run your dog dish caps.
  18. 64chevydude

    Fox is dead. Ratings down 50%

    Newsmax is pretty good and one American news (oan) is real good