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    Gotta problem.....sort of.....

    Every time my wife brings home a stray kitten, I tell her "This one we are going to name Target". Then I make a quick exit.:D
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    It says 326 Pontiac. Strange transplant.:doh
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    I just learned that today is........

    I got the same two emails from Hagerty:wacko. Mine is 10 months away.
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    More stuff

    I still have a can of Full Bore. That is what I used in my Ossa.
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    62 accelerator pedal question

    Oh my, gosh, it's contagious,,,:hide
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    How cold is it ?

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    A/S in 1964

    Here are some different wheel combos from over a few years. Original P12 14x6 wheels with original tires. (wedding day, May 1964) Keystone Classic 14x6 reversed on front, Sears Roadhandler tires. Olds 14x7 wheels on rear with M/T slicks. about 2005 About 2015, 14x6 chrome spoke front...
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    A/S in 1964

    I have some photos taken over the years of a few different wheel/tire combos. I'll do some looking. Some narrow whites, no wide whites.
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    What’s your guess on the trucks of the future.

    If the sun don't shine, it probably won't run :brow
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    Got Snow?

    No snow here, bare and dry. Temps in low 50's. Nice for January.
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    409 External Dimensions

    I found online dimensions of a sbc. They are showing BH to timing gear surface as 21.78, a little shorter than a W.
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    409 External Dimensions

    I measured a 409 truck block. 23 11/16" from BH surface to timing cover surface. Timing cover is off. 16" from BH surface to center motor mount bolt hole. That should be the same as sbc or bbc since they swap easily. I looked for online dimensions for sbc and bbc, but did not find those...
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    49 Chevy ignition / key questions

    This doesn't help to get the tumbler out, but I found the switch positions on another website. The starter button should be near the headlight switch. Ignition at 11 o'clock ignition is off and locked when key is removed. 12 o'clock ignition on and key can be removed. Ignition can also be...
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    58-65 Chevy keys

    I had a 59 Impala vert that I traded on my 64. I "think" it used just one key. But that is 55 years ago. I can't remember where I left my coffee cup this morning.:facepalm
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    58-65 Chevy keys

    From the 1961 shop manual above says they used 2 kinds of tumbler locks, but one key fits all. Bob, this is from your 1961 sales brochure showing only 2 octagon key, suggesting one octagon key fits all. This photo is from my 1964 owners manual stating what the key fits. It fits all locks...
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    Just found out I'm trans gender

    Transgender.........changing from a PG to a 4 spd . :brow
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    58-65 Chevy keys

    This is from the 1961 shop manual, towards the front, General Information 1-4. The 1962 supplement and 1964 supplement do not show that there was a change. I do not have a 1963 supplement. I have not looked at my 1964 owners manual yet. It is in the glove box, car is in the trailer and snow...
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    Mini Starter Alignment

    I am using a staggered bolt mini starter from a 95 chevy pickup with my large flywheel. You have to get the correct length bolts when using a mini starter. The original starter that came with the car in 64 used all 3 mounting bolts similar to the linked photo below. 3 bolt starter
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    58-65 Chevy keys

    In 64 one key fits everything. The car came with 2 keys, both octagon, both the same.
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    Eating 1,000 Year Old Duck Eggs

    I have a hard time believing that someone would waste time searching the internet for this kind of garbage. Some of you long time members may remember about 15 years ago when this was a "G" rated site, mostly automotive content, W engines, X frames, folks of both political parties and good...