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    Oil Drain

    Oil Drain Holes Yes, you are absolutely right. I was assembling my 409 on the engine stand last week, and I also noticed the relatively small oil return holes. Only one on each side, plus there is a 90 degree turn where the hole changes directions, uphill! The engine was almost level side to...
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    Roller Rockers vs. Pushrod Lengths??

    Quick Reply Tons of very valuable info, on this matter. I have several options, it seems. I'm definitely not going to play around with pushrod length, now that I've heard what can happen. I may first try different studs, and see how that works. It appears that the interference between the...
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    Roller Rockers vs. Pushrod Lengths??

    Pushrod length Good tips, Guys. First, I did not shorten the stud bosses. 2nd, I do not know what brand the screw in studs are, I bought them on Ebay, they are new, they are hard, but they do have this 5/8" hex on them, which is how I tightened them down. THis 5/8" hex, is what my rocker...
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    Roller Rockers vs. Pushrod Lengths??

    HI "W" Guys!! Has anyone ever encountered this problem? I am assembling a 65' 409 Truck block, with 11 to 1 pistons, 817 heads, had no problems going that far. I had bought a set (can't remember the brand name), no name on the box, of 1.75 roller rockers from Showcars for $199. Also, a note, we...
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    Valve spring Operating Length???

    Beehive springs THanks, Aubrey, for the tips. WE are going to be using Roller Rockers, and don't plan to spin the motor over 6000, Max, so I think i may check into the Beehives. I'm just learning about them now!! Brian.:p
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    Valve spring Operating Length???

    HI. I am slowly starting to work on my 817 heads, got the Comp Cam 268, which is 230 degree duration at .050, and .520 lift. Both my machinist, and the guy on the phone at Comp. Cams recommended their single spring with damper, part No. 941-16. So, I bought them. THey require a 1.750 space to...
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    Oiling problem in a 235/6 cyl.

    not enuf oil press. Thanks for the good tip, bud. I'll let him know. That was good info! Brian.
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    Oiling problem in a 235/6 cyl.

    First of all, I have a 235 in a 60' (for now), low miles, runs great and purrs like a kitten. A good friend of mine, bought a while back, a supposedly freshly rebuilt 235 from a local, well known car collector. All painted up and nice. He puts it in his 55' Chebbie, runs good for awhile, then...
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    How long to run an air compressor?

    Air Compressor runs Hot!! Hi! All I know is I have a 4 HP. Sears Air compressor I bought new in 1977. I used to sandblast big parts, and like you said, it basically ran solid, all the time. After about a half hour or so, the thermal overload in the motor would temporarily shut the motor down...
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    3 speed overdrives

    3 spd.ovdr. My first real car was a 61' Biscayne, 283, with the 3 speed with overdrive. It was DEFINTELY not synchronized in first gear. From the factory, with that trans, which by the way had a 2:94 first gear ratio, it also came with a 3:70 rear gear. That little 283 was Quick in first gear...
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    Finding Rubber Flooring for Biscayne

    NOt Available I personally talked to Phil Reed today, and he seemed quite knowledgable on the flooring. He said, as far as he knows, THe textured original type rubber flooring is not being reproduced. He said, of course, carpeting is readily available, and the rubber stuff that the one company...
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    Finding Rubber Flooring for Biscayne

    60 flooring It has a quite rough texture to it, bumpy like, the color is marbled, kindo of a black and gray combo. The place I called only had solid colors, with very little texture. They use it in Taxis, cop cars, etc. Probably smooth for easy cleanups, if you know what I mean. Ours is so...
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    Finding Rubber Flooring for Biscayne

    Does anyone know where or whom makes original looking rubber Complete Flooring for a 60' Biscayne???? I spent alot of time, searching on Google, alot of these sites state they have it, but you get on their site, and all they have are rubber floor mats, or carpet for Biscaynes. I got the name of...
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    235 vs. 409 Clutch Z Bar????

    Hello, I need some more expertise in this matter, due to my lack of experience. We are pulling out a 235 6 cyl., with a 3 speed stick, and inserting a 409 with a 4 speed. That's our plan anyhow. What kind of parts changing is needed for the clutch linkage? I looked at a picture of a V-8 Z Bar...
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    '60 brake help.....

    60' Brake Parts Last summer I HAD to go through all the wheel cylinders, shoes, etc., on my 60', which had sat for years. Advanced Auto got me everything I needed in one day!! You can go on their website, and it'll even show you pics of the parts, so you know you are getting the right ones. I...
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    409's, Red or Chevy Orange????

    I've seen many pics of 409's in cars, seems like most of them are red, but some are painted Chevy orange. I'm leaning towards red. What's the deal, were different years one color or the other? Also, I started out using Duplicolor Red Engine paint, and it was terrible. After 3 days, you could...
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    817 heads

    Sounds like Great Advice!! Thanks, Guys!;)
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    Front springs

    Rear Springs hI. I don't have a part number, off hand, but I bought a set of "Heavy Duty" Rears, from Advanced Auto, and they defintely raised the back about 1-2 inches Min. This car is a 6 cyl., now, and has 38,000 miles on it, so it really wasn't sitting low to start with. If you send me your...
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    817 heads

    I have a set of 817 heads that look fairly fresh, but I think I'm going to have them gone through again anyway. The exhaust valves in it are already stainless. My 1st question is: should I purchase stainless intakes?? We are looking to put out about 380-400 HP., for mostly street driving. We...
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    Gushing Oil Leak!

    Fram Filters Can someone explain why Fram filters are considered so bad?? A few years back, they were rated way up there. I've been using them on my everyday drivers with no problems. I realize these companies get bought out, and quality changes, by cheapening them up. Opinions????? Thanks!:dunno