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  1. real61ss

    Car Show that has a lot of judge categories.

    AACA National events require every vehicle to have a fully charged fire extinguisher. Last month I entered a car in the POCI Convention in Gettysburg and my AACA approved fire extinguisher did not meet thier specifications, I had to purchase one that met thier requirements. (It was larger)
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    63 Poncho Bonneville

    Thats exactly why I keep searching for it.
  3. real61ss

    63 Poncho Bonneville

    I didnt realize Arnie had those cars stationed across the country but I guess it makes sence. I sure didnt know he ever raced a Bonneville, never seen any photos of it Another subject, for many years my search for the elusive Pontiac part number that was supposedly asigned to the Ford truck...
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    63 Poncho Bonneville

    Not in this case Philip
  5. real61ss

    63 Poncho Bonneville

    Needs to be a Catalina, Bonneville is just too big
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    Chevrolet Engine Sizes I never knew about!

    I have a couple of friends that still run the gas duallys, i think they are 502 cubic inch
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    Happy Birthday! bjburnout

    Happy birthday BJ, hope you have many more!
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    Looking for Ford truck hood scoop for NS/S

    350 sounds high but really if the scoop was nice with all the studs intack it probably was about the going price. I have one on my 63 Catalina, I dont know that I would sell it for that.
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    A59C Air filter

    There was an nos one at the Pontiac Nationals today, sold for 50 bucks so I heard
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    Id say you are lucky they admitted to anything. Ive had issues with them over a 61 interior and they would never admit to doing anything wrong.
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    Beautiful 63 impala

    Yes, thats what I was saying in my earlier post, that wasnt (in my opinion) an original 409 car. Wrong tach and looks to be a homemade return fuel line, no return fuel line is a sure sign it wasnt a 409 car. But, like I said, i still like the car. No
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    Beautiful 63 impala

    This isnt a scam, Ive taljed to the guy, seems pretty straightforward
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    Beautiful 63 impala

    I like that car but i has one strike against it, its an x Reggie Jackson car and Ive never seen one of his cars that is correct. So, that explains the homemade return fuel line and the incorrect tach. I still like it though
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    61 Impala 409 at Harrisburg Mecum (Don Fezell)

    Well, I dont know about that :) trust me, the car is maroon. might as well say what concerns me; there are grinding marks in the location where the "x" was cast on the front of some blocks, I think it may have been ground off. 623 blocks did not have that x.
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    61 Impala 409 at Harrisburg Mecum (Don Fezell)

    The car is maroon. Phil, I have looked at this car very closely and I wont say it isnt the real deal but I havr my doubts. I do believe it is a factory built SS but I have serious doubts as to the motor being a 61 409. I could not see the casting number on the block without laying on the car and...
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    Happy Birthday! 348NUT

    We sure do!!! Where are you, Aaron?
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    2020 Corvette introduction

    Not to be negative, Ive been a Corvette owner since I graduated from high school in 1962, but this is the end of the line for me. Just looks like any other European sports car to me and I aint a fan of them. But to each his own
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    62 Impala 409 at Mecum in Denver

    Nice car but has quite a few incorrect restoration items , What I can see of the heater control valve looks correct
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    Z-11 restoration

    We had two motors, one 421 SD and a 389 SD. The 421 came from Pontiac, was a complete motor that was shipped to Worth from Ray Nichols. In the early sixties Nichols was to Pontiac what Holman Moody was to Ford. When Jimmy Pardue switched to Plymouth Worth bought a complete 389 motor from him
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    Garage floor, alternative to poured concrete

    My neighbor paved his driveway and the area where his garage was going to be with asphalt then built a metal shed type building over it. I can imagine what will happen everytime he jacks his car up.