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  1. Mearl

    Redneck Book Of Manners

    I don't know, Cecil, some of them rules are kinda pushin' it.
  2. Mearl


    I knew that was a beautiful car when I saw it in pieces. Pontiac called it Iris Mist
  3. Mearl

    Happy Birthday! W Head

    Happy birthday, Wayne!!
  4. Mearl

    Got the power steering figured out (kinda)

    Just for you guys who thought I gave up on the power steering on the 61! I finally got it pretty much the way I want it to look, just hope it works. The steering box is from CPP, The pump is 67 Impala 396, the brackets are Alan Grove Chevelle short water pump; the hoses are from a sale on...
  5. Mearl

    Chevrolet Engine Sizes I never knew about!

    What about the 637 truck motor?
  6. Mearl

    Happy Birthday! bjburnout

    Happy birthday, BJ
  7. Mearl

    Mark Steele breaks into the 12s

    Congratulations Mark!
  8. Mearl


    James, If you're going to the Springfield swap meet, I'll buy you a beer if you help me look at them!:)
  9. Mearl


    Damn guys, now you've got me worried. I ordered the complete interior kit for the 61 bubble top to be delivered to the Springfield swap meet in a couple of weeks. I did get the kit for the 63 from CARS and had them deliver it to Springfield as well. I guess it was OK because I put it on myself...
  10. Mearl

    Sad News :( Debs mom

    Thanks for all the well wishes, guys, the funeral is tomorrow.
  11. Mearl

    Sad News :( Debs mom

    Debs's mom passed away Tuesday morning. She had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks and had just come home Sunday morning. She had a stroke about 5 years ago and was paralyzed on her right side. She had a couple of heart attacks and was diabetic, she was also 80 years old.
  12. Mearl

    AR Arkansas 1 mile challenge

    I learned today that the 1 mile challenge will be at Blytheville on 27,28 and 29 Sept. I've been wanting to see one and this is only 140 miles away.
  13. Mearl

    Down Time

    Get well soon!
  14. Mearl


    I worked at the 66 station here in town.
  15. Mearl

    Nephew Taking Command

    A big accomplishment. For what it's worth James, you need to pass along to him that we're all impressed! I don't imagine that he'll be impressed that we are impressed:salute
  16. Mearl

    Various Types of Bra

  17. Mearl

    Happy Birthday! DRC 409

    Happy birthday!
  18. Mearl


    Looks just like mine, except his paint is better
  19. Mearl


    Looking for melons
  20. Mearl

    Happy Birthday! Monk

    Happy birthday Monk! I'd like to get to St. Louis and meet you some day.