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    Ran at Mokan frequently.
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    So very, very nice Russ.
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    A59C Air filter

    I bought 2 from Rock Auto.
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    Happy Birthday! Hayden

    Happy birthday Hayden.
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    4.11:1 ring gear and Pinion

    I have a 4.11 and a 5.57 gear set. 4.11 is new, 5.57 are used.
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    1962 2 door hardtop QB 409 with 3 speed

    In 1966 I was working at a printing plant, married with 2 kids, going to college and working 6 days a week on the 3pm to 11pm shift. made $1.00 an hour. Got a raise to $1.25 per hour. Promptly went out and traded for a 1963 FI Vette for a family car.
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    Happy Birthday! Tom Jacobson

    Happy birthday Tom.
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    Happy Birthday! real61ss

    Happy birthday Tommy.
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    Z-11 restoration

    Another "home run".
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    Happy Birthday! BOSSMAN

    Happy birthday Nick.
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    New York Shaker

    Very impressive!!!!
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    Home again

    Very nice!!!!
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    Happy Birthday! 1964SuperStocker

    Happy birthday.
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    Happy Birthday! "Region Rat" Bob Walla

    Happy birthday Bob.
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    Gold Card Race

    Had the annual Gold Card Race to open the season at Mokan 0n March 17. Winner in each class gets card for free entry into all races for the season. First run of the year was a7.0023 at 97.36 mph. In round 2 had a breakout pass of 6.9836 on a 7.00 dial. The old gal is performing nicely.
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    1965 409. 340 hp. Complete from air breather to oil pan. $7750 obo.

    I have one here in Parsons, Kansas as well.
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    Spent 35 years running real ones for the Katy and Union Pacific.
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    Bill Clay

    When Bill Clay raced the car at Mokan he flat-towed it with a 1960 El Camino. Sitting in the back window of the El Camino were two Ocelots. Beautiful animals. Stayed in the car all day, seemingly quite content.
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    62 Dual Four Air Cleaner

    Wondering if anyone on the forum would be interested in trading an Aubrey Bruneau intake for my unused Showcars 62 air cleaner. Phone is 620-423-2402.
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    32 Ford

    VERY COOL!!!!!