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  1. rstreet

    Gasoline Recommendation

    Just a short note of thanks for everyone that has given their opinions. I was able to get lucky and have a small container with me while near the track when the guys were there working and had time to open the fuel pumps. So I have enough for the Lake George concours event for the 61 SS...
  2. rstreet

    Rock n Race 2019 348/409 class

    Looks like a big weekend for everyone. I am stuck here in Maryland for a regional AACA show where I have been strong armed into being in charge of the judges and the chief Judge. He He I wonder how many points my red 62 will score:cool: Please post the results as soon as you can and the bullet...
  3. rstreet

    Gasoline Recommendation

    me also Robert
  4. rstreet

    Loading Chevrolets onto a train 1971

    Uuh that’s what they are loading. Only cars I know they did that with. I wonder if the current small cars whatever they are, are transported like that Robert
  5. rstreet

    Gasoline Recommendation

    I have a 61 SS with a correct 623 single 360 HP 409 and a 62 SS with a dual carb 409/409.(I am not certain if this engine has dual SS head gaskets) Also a 61 348 dual carb but is a lower compression engine. I have always used racing gas in them as they aren't driven just show only but in my...
  6. rstreet

    Squirrel from HELL!

    How many rounds in that door group Dave? Sort of like a house I lived in years ago that “used” to have duck decoys on the mantle Robert
  7. rstreet

    Is This Stuff Desirable??

    Phil I thought you wanted 409 stuff? Isn’t that a 327 pipe? Robert
  8. rstreet

    Traction issues also

    Great suggestions guys:hug I am going with trying spray bed liner but Bob’s suggestion sounds like fun. The issue is really bad if wet grass is behind the trailer then the car tends to go sideways at launch on the ramp. I probably ought to start up the ramp from farther away at speed but am...
  9. rstreet

    Traction issues also

    I have traction issues also I noticed today while loading some household items into the trailer. I believe the traction item is more noticeable when I load the 61 409 as it has the stock wheels The 62 SS red car has the optional GM 409 wheels thus spreading the tire a bit more. Robert
  10. rstreet

    Car haulers

    Tom before anyone else asks why the reverse move? I am getting ready to be south of you off I-95. Robert
  11. rstreet

    Hydraulic lifters versus solid lifters

    Yes ray cadence is the operative description. I don’t have that sewing machine rhythm totally because stock cams but those 46’s plugs help smooth it out! Robert
  12. rstreet

    Hydraulic lifters versus solid lifters

    Headers aren't allowed in AACA Robert
  13. rstreet

    Hydraulic lifters versus solid lifters

    I love the solid lifters in my cars because set up a couple thousands loose really command attention because they sound so sweet “in the rhythm”. Robert
  14. rstreet

    6 Percent of Americans don't believe we landed on the moon.

    Yes he was and very principled! In his youth ran away from home to sail schooners and steam freighters. Was a real woodsman and horseman. But could walk up to the Governor to “give advice” as I have photos of a couple of those spontaneous events. Received accommodations from the Army but never...
  15. rstreet

    6 Percent of Americans don't believe we landed on the moon.

    My grandfather lived quite a few years after the moonwalk. Was an interesting person; was hijacked from the port of Baltimore as a young teenager to crew a ship to the orient. After returning was with Roosevelt’s rough riders and slightly wounded. Would not accept payment of services in...
  16. rstreet

    I'm melting...

    Bob was today a meltdown day up north your way Robert
  17. rstreet

    Needed: 1 screw!!!

    I am fortunate to have both screws on my 3 cars as they are padded dash models. I do have some accumulated laying around but not sure of sizing so don’t know if I have any Robert
  18. rstreet

    Before the Thunderbolt.

    What’s the significance of it as shouldn’t be on a restoration car Seems as the several recent restoration cars completed aren’t “restomodes” thus requiring a stock hood Robert
  19. rstreet

    World Benchrest Match Calgary

    Well maybe we better put our money on Ray and his turkey shooting accuracy Robert
  20. rstreet

    62 - 63 327 block

    Cecil how are your irrigation canals doing this year. We had some dry weather early this year and I thought about your flooding system Robert