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  1. Skip FIx

    Last weekends score.....

    Never seen a Camaro with a pumpkin rear end!
  2. Skip FIx

    cam button

    The rollers do come in different thickness also. Al lot of the thrust is from the cam gear. Flat tappets counter act that with their slight angle. Then soem motors like my Pontiacs and some newer Chevy motors have a bolt on thrust plate.
  3. Skip FIx

    Here we go

    Those Cometics put you about 0.040 so should be good unless it is going to 8000! My motor has a 251/251 @ 0.050 Bullet/Ultradyne solid roller on a 112 LS IC 108. Comp Endura solid roller lifters(had to buy the SBF links extra). My ported E heads exhaust/intake ratio a single pattern looked the...
  4. Skip FIx

    Cam selection

    Looks a little small to me for anything other than a mild street build esp for a roller @ 0.050. 348 maybe.
  5. Skip FIx

    409 rods?

    I've got a couple of extra sets of 409 rods if needed.
  6. Skip FIx

    Here we go

    Or use a 0.051Cometic head gasket instead of cutting pistons. SHop that supposedly mocked mine up before decking , then when I assembled 0.015-0.018 out.
  7. Skip FIx

    Fan close to power steering pump?

    Same spacers that would space the pulley out.
  8. Skip FIx

    2 x 4 intakes

    I can tell you the 881 flows less than the Eddy manifold on some ported E heads. Factory single 4 aluminum intake really flowed less.
  9. Skip FIx

    How far above the crossed flags on my 63 fenders do I put my 409 emblems?

    No you pull them of and say "it's just an old 348 Truck motor can you give me lengths" to the BB Camaro/Chevelle guys:)
  10. Skip FIx

    Oil pump priming problems

    Even with my distributor oiler my 409 took way longer to get oil to every rocker than any Pontiac I've preoiled.
  11. Skip FIx

    Oil pump priming problems

    "I think he's talking about using an external pump with a suction thru the dipstick and discharging into something like the oil pressure sending unit to pressurize the oil passages.Thats where a marine type oil pan with a suck out oil change setup would be handy. " Yep something like that. Or I...
  12. Skip FIx

    Oil pump priming problems

    Be cool if you could shove an intake tube down the dipstick tube to pump then tap into a plug on top and prime them with the distributor in!
  13. Skip FIx

    Sharp Rockers here

    I meant EFI not EFO -fat fingers. Heard it last night idle at 850 rpm WITH the A/C on and a moderate sized HR cam! His down side is the Holley system he got with it only has one wide band sensor so it is averaging the AFR whereas every cylinder has a slightly different fuel need. He used one...
  14. Skip FIx

    Sharp Rockers here

    Mopar buddy just added a Hilborn stack system modified for EFO in his 500" 383 Charger. Pretty cool deal.
  15. Skip FIx

    Looking to build a 348 4” stroker........

    My 4" Eagle crank had so much journal taper even my cheap Chinese mikes could see I had to turn it 0.010 . Ialso had to get a ATI balancer snout that was a hone ot fit because it was too loose I think-been a few years.
  16. Skip FIx

    Looking to build a 348 4” stroker........

    On JE piston site they use 3.5-4% HP increase per increase in 1 compression ratio(one I've read before). So a 400 HP motor you would get a 16 HP bump. Worth it to take a chance on 16 hp?
  17. Skip FIx

    Looking to build a 348 4” stroker........

    Had a lot of pulls timing, jetting before we did the switch. RAIV chambers open compared to other Pontiac chambers 0 deck. Just saying 10:1 and iron heads will probably need more octane than 92 variable blend gas at the pump. And that there can sure be inaudible detonation that can hammer bearings.
  18. Skip FIx

    Looking to build a 348 4” stroker........

    CR and what can run on pump gas! A big discussion on my Pontiac board also. I know one well known builder on aluminum head builds limits them to 10.25 saying you never know what crap gas you will get and why take the chance of pounding the bearings if it detonates. I think I read a small % HP...