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    62 Impala rustoration: We're going to try and save another one

    You do fantastic work Jim, I can only dream about being anywhere near that talented.
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    Jehovah Witness repellant

    Oh, I promise you there are eternal consequences of the most severe kind. Wolves in sheep's clothing is what the apostle Paul calls them in scripture.
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    62 Impala 409 at Harrisburg Mecum

    You did a great job! I can't see much wear from the pictures for it being restored that long ago. It was an original 409 car ? Do yo still have the bubbletop in the junkyard near you? Thank you for chiming in, always nice to know what the guys here are doing/have done.
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    62 Impala 409 at Harrisburg Mecum

    I owned a green 327/pg SS back in 80's. Wasn t that nice but still a tough color to love. Nice looking car though.
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    I'm melting...

    Come on down to Texas in July and August! Pretty much 100 or 99 every day except for rare rain days .But the other 8-9 months are great here. I might come up your way Tom to cool off, LOL.
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    Z-11 restoration

    Wow , cool and historic. So much here I am ignorant about but I have never seen anything like that.
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    Gear drive

    Cool, I didn't know that. I bet an 09 sounds bad to the bone with one. I don't suppose you still own it? You are awesome sir , wish I could see what you have bought and sold through the years. I know the guys (me too) give you a hard time here but it's because they love and respect you for what...
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    Happy Birthday! Ronald Cooper

    Happy birthday Ron , and thank you Mr. Phil for remembering.
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    Gear drive

    I believe that was it, think Doug Marion used it on his 409 that went into the white 62 bubbletop.
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    Gear drive

    There was a few articles in Super Chevy magazine back in the 80's, they had somebody that was making pieces to fit , the gears were custom but some shop was cutting them to fit some other drive and make it work. If you can t find a Jackson maybe you could look into that. Be cool to hear one...
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    I love the pictures, especially the ones that show all the cars of the era in the parking lot. Good stuff, great memories.
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    Happy Birthday! Toms63SSQB

    Belated happy birthday sir. Your title says it all. Pray all is well with you and you QB 63 SS.
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    1963 Olds Cutlass bucket seats

    At Pate swap meet last month here in Texas , a guy had a 63-64 buckets with nice chrome but needing complete rebuild. Asking 850. I was shocked so bad I could barely answer. These buckets look great and cheap to me.
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    1959 radiator.

    Thanks for the input. I know it was an auto trans car, figured the 4 core was only for big block 348 in 59?
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    1959 radiator.

    Will a 59 radiator fit a 62? I'm not sure. Thank you for the information
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    Nice trick Jim. So , a 348 distributor can fit a 409, just needs to be re curved?
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    1962 2 door hardtop QB 409 with 3 speed

    :jacked I looked into the 3 speed 409 , found out it was probably a heavy duty Borg Warner without a 1st gear synchronizer. It s on the forum here a few months ago, alot of guys here chimed in. Thank you, cooool car.
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    Block Crack Fix

    Looks similar to metal spray repair we used at American airlines turbo engine shop, on a smaller scale.?
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    2 four intake

    Don, when did they stop making the small port? I was going to use one, a single 4 barrel. Should I try and find one now before they all disappear? thank you for the info.
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    Machine Shop Questions

    Gee, what a stupid, know it all response. Yeah, I would run from that one. Good luck finding a good shop.