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    1958 Chev Impala Front Seat Lower Chrome Trim

    Thanks, tried them and it is the one part they don't have or reproduce. I'll have to find originals.
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    1958 Chev Impala Front Seat Lower Chrome Trim

    I am just finishing my 1958 Chevrolet convertible (a too long project) for which I do not have the set of clips that hold the front seat lower chrome trim in place IE: The clips that are actually snapped into the chrome trim base and the one that fastens the large clip to the seat frame. I...
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    58 Impala Front hub conversion from ball to tapered roller bearings

    I have read previous posts from 1958 delivery that discussed the front hub and bearings required for such conversions but was unclear on the parts req'd. Can you tell me again what bearings to use in the 61-68 hubs that are compatible with the '58 front spindle and I can do the rest. OR I...