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    powersteering/alternator conversion

    Hello W OGDEN, Thanks for the info and the pictures, that realy helps me understand how it will come together. Now that I have decided to do the powersteering conversion I have read that there is another steering box besides the 605 that I can use for the conversion, the box is made...
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    powersteering/alternator conversion

    Hello Wise ones, I have a 58 Brookwood station wagon with the origional 348 powerglide, treadle vac brakes, power-assist steering: I have heard that if I drill and tap the bolt hole(s) I can mount the powersteering pump on the front of the engine. I would like to remove the...
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    58Brookwood intro

    Hello 348-409 experts, I am a certified chevy nut, I have 4 classics that I use as daily drivers 62 nova (small block 4 sp) runs 11.70 in the quarter mile 65 nova straight 6, 3 on the tree 59 apache panel truck 454 th400 not yet tested at the track but it is fast. 58 Brookwood 348...