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    58 impala brakes

    When puting power brake unit on is thair a 1/4 inch plate that gos aganst the wall first and if so will i need a difrent steering wheel calom suport becuse it looks like ty dont fit togeather.:scratch
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    58impala driveshaft

    thanks for the info looks like i was on the wright track will do . mike out .:) :)
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    58impala driveshaft

    thanks for the info will take down to drive line and have shortend thanks again mike out.:)
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    58impala driveshaft

    I have a 58 impala that had a stndard 3 speed . I instaled a tubro 350 fit perfuct no problem . went to put driveshaft in and its to long by about 5 inches . are there to difrent leanghts fo r auto and standerd trans . or do ihave to shorent the first section of the drive shaft . the trans is...