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  1. 1958 delivery


    During that issue, their drive up line increased beyond belief. The lines are still long so they're doing a very good business. The food isn't all that so it must be something else
  2. 1958 delivery

    Brittany Force Sets New World Record

    The one in the grey T shirt looks healthy
  3. 1958 delivery

    Dash/carpet on 64 SS w/ silver interior

    :eek1 Silver or black paint with silver interior are the best.
  4. 1958 delivery

    Dash/carpet on 64 SS w/ silver interior

    The original silver interior was really nice, these made up ones not so much.
  5. 1958 delivery

    Dual groove pulley/balancer

    Pulleys are some what easy to come by. You're not putting this in a car so what's the difference at this point? Power steering on the dyno:rolleyes
  6. 1958 delivery

    Dual groove pulley/balancer

    Can't beat that with an ugly stick, just make certain the balancer is still good (rubber not coming out or missing)
  7. 1958 delivery

    265 V-8

    The earliest they list them for is 1962, they're all the same essentially
  8. 1958 delivery

    265 V-8

  9. 1958 delivery

    265 V-8

    You can buy stock balancers without degree marks. However new balancers have a different timing mark then the older engines. about 5-8 degrees off. Unless they have started to reproduce the older style:dunno. Just have the machinest re-mark the new bALANCER.
  10. 1958 delivery

    265 V-8

    One 283, oh my
  11. 1958 delivery

    265 V-8

    I had a couple of those back in my swap meet days, never really knew what the 2 extra bolts up front were for. Definitely not from a passenger car
  12. 1958 delivery


    see 881 manifold
  13. 1958 delivery


    He'll have a hell of a time putting that on a 265:crazy
  14. 1958 delivery


    Same as Impala
  15. 1958 delivery


    He left you a phone number for a reason
  16. 1958 delivery

    Kind of reaching,

    1965 396 but mostly in 1966
  17. 1958 delivery

    348 Tri-power intake & carbs for sale

    Might be worth $250
  18. 1958 delivery

    60 Biscayne in Brant, Ontario

    "Needs carpet" Deal breaker
  19. 1958 delivery

    First Showing of my 1962 Chevrolet Ambulance

    Here's one for your collection I would think their asking price is reasonable