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    Headers for 348 in a 57 Chevy 2dr. post

    celebrity 348 oil pan In case anyone is wondering that is my oil pan Aaron so kindly modified for me at great expense in time which I thank him for greatly!(credit given where credit is certainly due.)Currently the pan is with Aubrey in Canada as he is building an engine for me(CPG). Truck...
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    Chevy Rumble Convention Coverage!!!

    Thanks for the replies,Jim and Phil. I just sent you a pm,Phil.
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    Chevy Rumble Convention Coverage!!!

    Hey Phil,don't forget the guys here in Alaska,I would like the DVD,are there any left and how much money for the DVD and postage to get it to Delta Junction? Thanks P.D.Petty :brow
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    Aubrey`s Brother Rodger

    My condolences to you,Aubrey,from the Petty family.Our thought and prayers are with you. Duane and Shawndra Petty
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    Garbage Truck Engine

    AMEN,AMEN,WHAT YOU ALL SAID!!! :clap :clap
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    Whats everyone doing ?

    dq,(Jim) I know what you are going through as the wife and I have just completed a 6 month long restoration on our house here in Delta Junction Alaska and living in it to boot!An extremely hard thing to do,especially when you are remodeling the kitchen and bathroom and you have only ONE bathroom...
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    348 $$$ ???

    This sounds about right,a few years ago I bought a non running 348 for $300.00 and a good running 348 motor for $350.00 here in Alaska but they are getting harder to find all the time even up here so I grab all I can find. :D :D
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    How long have you owned your classic car???

    I've had my 1937 chev pick up for 35 years,409 truck engine going in this one,(if you consider it a classic,it's an antique really)My 1955 chevy 4 door Bel-Aire(getting one of Aubrey's 348 stroked and poked to 427)for 2 years and wouldn't consider selling either one of these vehicles. :D :D
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    4:09 on 4-09 (04)

    I got to start the whole "shebang" Hey,Phil,I did log in at 4:09 my time here in Alaska but with only 21 logging in that tells me it's pretty late for some of you folks clear back east!Anyway hope everyone had a great day today and,Bob,thanks for a great site and a good year here on the site...
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    Fred & Verna Totten

    Condolences from Alaska,Fred,I am so sorry for your loss.My Dad lost his second wife a short time ago and he didn't think he could make it either but he has,with his faith in the Lord and loving family and I'm sure you can too.We are all a sort of a family here on the forum, and are pulling for...
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    I hear you,Phil,how could I refuse to log on at "4:09" on that special day!I don't post much but do "lurk" about here on the forum,I have to check it every day to see what's shakin",especially with DQ,hee hee hee! :D :cheers
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    Pre-oiling 348

    :D :D me too,since I don't need a truck distributor with a govenor in it for my truck 409,why not put it to good use,good thought,348 NUT!
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    Advice from the Big Guy

    I've not been involved in these discussions,having chosen to keep my mouth shut but I have been reading the posts,as I'm sure others have,the only thing I can say is ...RIGHT ON ,Aaron!:)
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    Welcome to Doug Marion!

    :D :D How ya' doin' ED?I notice your in Enid Oklahoma?You don't know me but the guys here on the forum do.I have a daughter living in Enid,small world! Regards P.DP.Petty
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    Motor Mounts

    Boy do I know about trying to get pistons out of a w engine.I bought a truck 409 a year ago and am still soaking and beating on the pistons in that one!And 348 NUT is right,your not going to get the crank out without moving pistons,at least I haven't been able to yet and I'm using a pretty big...
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    Shirts Are Here

    Bob,just recieved my shirts today,very nice,thank you.Will there be any more available?I need one extra large with a pocket and two large with no pocket,three more altogether. P.D.PETTY
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    How Many We Got

    Well I guess I'd better put my two cents worth in here as the 348 Nut has posted his ! I have a 37 chev pickup with a truck 409,with the work on the truck and engine in progress(slow) A 1955 chev 4 door sedan that will have an" Aubrey " built 348 punched .125 thousands overbore with a big block...
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    Hi from Florida

    whaddya mean Frozen north?It's a balmy -1 degree here in Delta today,nice and warm (for us shirt sleeve weather,we had -42 over night last week!):evil :evil hee hee hee! Hi Phil! Paul
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    Found in Garage

    ssvette,when I was in my last year of high school in 1964 in Anchorage Alaska,there was a guy I knew that owned a local gas station and was an ace mechanic and a total chevy nut and professional drag racer.He had a 1957 'vette in which he put a 425 h.p. 409 with 6 two barrel carbs and he won...
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    09 in a 56

    AAAAW gee,CPG,didn't think you cared about us ws in 55s type guys,hee hee hee,wait till we get so many members with ws in 55s ,56s and 57s that Bob will have to start a different section of this forum just for us!Come to think of it there's already quite a few of us........