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    Exhaust manifold gaskets - yes or no?

    I don't use gaskets. But the manifolds have to be straight. They came from the factory without any.
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    Standard Tree

    I've done that before when my alarm clock went off a little late. :crazy
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    Welding helmets, what's good?

    I stated the brand name of mine wrong earlier in this thread. It is Shop Iron. I got it from Summit Racing earlier this year. It has shade adjustment outside on the left 9-13. Sensitivity adjustment on the right. Inside next to the lens on the left, delay time- short-middle-long. On the...
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    PVC seal

    Is it this one?
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    Welding helmets, what's good?

    Set it in the sun for a while to charge the battery and try again.
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    '65 10-Bolt Rear

    Wasn't the 64 Chevelle the first to have the 8.2 10 bolt?
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    5.7 rods

    Engle had a cam they called the "cheater cam". It sure worked!! :hide
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    Maybe a water balloon??
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    Miss at idle & at cruise speed

    Did you check for a broken valve spring on no. 5?
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    Welding helmets, what's good?

    I recently bought an Iron Man helmet. Very nice helmet, but one drawback. There is no way to attach my 1.75 diopter magnification lens on the inside. That is important with old eyes.
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    Blue smoke

    He is thinking leaking under the intake in the valley.
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    Anyone have a picture of the single Z11 shipped to Iowa?

    The unsafe wheels were made by Firestone, got the nickname "widow maker" wheels. That appears to be a 6 hole Budd wheel. It shouldn't be too hard to find replacement wheels.
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    What do original 64 keys go to?

    I have a 60 series truck that came with an electric Mico Brake Lock. It has a toggle switch on the dash that controls a solenoid in the brake line. With the switch on, push the brake pedal and the solenoid locks the fluid. It did not always work, so I added a Lever Lock like shown above...
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    What do original 64 keys go to?

    On the 64 Chevy sheet there is a dealer installed "brake lock". Just wondering what that was.
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    ISO 1961 Grill Guard

    In search of
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    WTB a set of Jardine headers

    Jardine would build tri-y headers for standard firing order or for the 4 - 7 swap. You just had to let him know which you needed.
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    PMGR Starter help needed

    In 1964 a friend bought a new 64 Ford Galaxie 500 and it had a reverberator. It sounded good, kinda gave it a stereo effect. That was the first I had ever heard of one. I went to the Chevy dealer to get one for my 64 Impala. They had never heard of one. I ended up buying one from the Ford...
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    Can anybody identify what brand 409 header this is?

    I had 4 into 1 Jardines back in the 60's,, but they didn't have that mid way flange.
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    How far above the crossed flags on my 63 fenders do I put my 409 emblems?

    I "think" my 64 Biscayne also has the emblem behind the tire, but I can't take a quick look, it is still in Wyoming at Jardine's.
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    Concrete buffer gone wild

    You have to hold the lever to make it turn. I wonder if someone's hand got tired and they wired it to the handle.