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  1. Kaycee

    Ciadella Int.

    No size on box it just says medium seat cushion
  2. Kaycee

    Ciadella Int.

    Completed seat's, there is some tucking and hiding of some loose ends but that you may have to brain storm on but nothing major. Just make sure you have them centered when you go to snapring your inner seat spine to the listing rod. Oh yeah listing rod I went to home depot and bot a roll of...
  3. Kaycee

    Ciadella Int.

    I grabbed the seat foam from PUI it was cheaper at the time, burlap and some synthetic cotton filler from hobby lobby and set of good snap ring pliers and a box of staples ,don't get the cheap pliers they are a PITA.I had an old seat I stole some springs off of to repair on mine. Take your time...
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    Wow ,:bowI dont know but my birthday is in April:winner
  6. Kaycee

    1962 Impala license plate lamp

    Must not be enough people complain about there products.,I went through the same crap with the rear console light.
  7. Kaycee

    Winter time builds =redos

    Well here I am waitng on my 700r4 rebuild kit should be here next week, I put this used trans. in knowing it was going to need a rebuild eventually. After finding out the the 700 have taking a jump in $$ Ive decided to take a chance on it myself , found the front pump bushing has eating a nice...
  8. Kaycee

    Gas Prices

    Jackson is for the filthy rich no way a working man can afford that place or within a 100 miles of it totally destroyed it. Colorado is the same ,cant even fart there without some liberal trying to tax or make you get a permit.:finger
  9. Kaycee

    Gas Prices

    $2.60 here in Wyo. yes they are flooding Co the wind keeps them away here THANK GOD!!
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    Never fails!

    ROFLMAO :winner
  11. Kaycee

    transmission used in vette

    83 to 87 was the WEAK 700r4 88 to 93 was the upgraded Better 700r4 and also refered to as a 4L60 they improved different innerds every year before they came with the new and improved Electronic 4L60E, 93 Was the transition year to the 4L60 E
  12. Kaycee

    350Turbo or 700r4

    I was told that the 200 are more $$ to build and they don't make them anymore so parts are getting hard to find. I have an 88 model 700r/4L60 in my 63 with 3:36 rear HUGE difference 80 mph at 2300RPM stock convertor. I just snagged a 1990 700/4L60 needs clutches but it was free. Seems like GM...
  13. Kaycee

    62 mystery tube

    Take a small black zip tie and use it like a clamp
  14. Kaycee

    Alighnment WTF

    OK on the road to recovery :winnerStarted out but screwing the tie rods all the way in and installing it back in the car after steering wheel was aligned . Set up a string line around the car and made sure it was square to car took the measurement on all 4 wheels and adjusted front tie rods this...
  15. Kaycee

    Alighnment WTF

    Your right I just had to get it closer than it was never would of got it on a trailer the way it was ,would like to drive it there instead .Time for a brewski
  16. Kaycee

    Alighnment WTF

    OK think I got it figured out , took off the center link and eyeballed tires to pretty straight screwed the tie rods all the way in both sides all 4. got in the car and found center of steering wheel 6 1/2 turns left to right ,found center at 3 1/4 turns steering wheel was off 1/2 turn . Crawled...
  17. Kaycee

    Alighnment WTF

    Car in air, but jack stands under a-arms both inner and outer tie rods are bottomed out in sleeve on the 1 side other side is just like the one I took out plenty of adjustment left .
  18. Kaycee

    Alighnment WTF

    Yes it is
  19. Kaycee

    Alighnment WTF

    :confusedOk Front end completely rebuilt ,just redid inner and outer tie rods and new idler all moog parts. Pulled everything apart 1 at a time and reinstalled I measured tie rods and put he new ones according make it close to get it in for alighnment. Drivers side is straight and allso the...
  20. Kaycee

    Front sway Bar

    OK thanks