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  1. 409 Chevy Performance

    Edelbrock 5409 2x4 Intake manifold

    Looking to buy Edelbrock 5409 2x4 Intake manifold. New or used. Contact Jack Gibbs @ 1-530-934-4336 or cell or text 1-530-228-2470
  2. 409 Chevy Performance

    Edelbrock 1x4 Edelbrock Intake Manifold # 7159

    Thanks they are on back order till as I have been told Aug 26
  3. 409 Chevy Performance

    Edelbrock 1x4 Edelbrock Intake Manifold # 7159

    Looking for Intake Manifold for 409 Chevy 1x4 HP Edelbrock #7159 contact Jack Gibbs 1-530-934-4336 or text to 1-530-228-2470
  4. 409 Chevy Performance

    WANTED W-Motor Flatbottom Race Boat Parts

    Give me a call. I have 2 complete setups for Boat setups. Jack Gibbs 1-530-934-4336 or 1-530-228-2470
  5. 409 Chevy Performance

    409 main bolts

    You need 4 special style for windage tray application. I have many in my inventory.
  6. 409 Chevy Performance

    Chevy Impala, belair, Biscayne 1962 Rear Bumper Diagonal Brackets

    Need a pair of Oem Diagonal outer right and left Rear bumper brackets for 1962 Chevy Impala, Belair or Biscayne, contact Jack Gibbs @ 409 Chevy Performance, 1-530-934-4336 or cell 1-530-228-2470
  7. 409 Chevy Performance

    Good News! Show Cars new Shopping Cart

    Great to hear Bruce
  8. 409 Chevy Performance

    409 headers.

    Bought several sets from Mark. Perfect fit Zero issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 409 Chevy Performance prep

    Super Cool
  10. 409 Chevy Performance

    Oil pump priming tool Show Cars

    The show cars oil priming tool works just fine.
  11. 409 Chevy Performance

    '59 el camino gets a new lease on life...

    correction on the valve train for the build Intake 2.20 and 1.75 on the exhaust opened up the seats installed 7/16 screw in studs and matched ported intake. Nice up grade
  12. 409 Chevy Performance

    Happy Birthday! MRHP

    Happy Birthday Brain
  13. 409 Chevy Performance

    Show Cars Web Site

    Thanks Bruce
  14. 409 Chevy Performance

    new member

    Welcome Aaric to the 409 family. Have a lot of projects underway for Aaric at this time.
  15. 409 Chevy Performance

    The forgotten 75&80 drag strip

    Good old days memory from 1963
  16. 409 Chevy Performance

    Happy Birthday! Barry Taylor

    Barry Happy Birthday
  17. 409 Chevy Performance

    Valve cover gaskets

    We use a 3/8"thick Best gasket cork gasket> I have had great luck with these and had no compliants that Iam aware of? No poly lock contact with valve cover. Others thickness many problems.