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  1. Jim Sullivan

    Harmonic balancer clearance

    The sway bar on your car looks bigger in diameter than a stock sway bar. Could be an aftermarket one which is causing the clearance issue?
  2. Jim Sullivan

    61 biscayne build

    The hole in the Eddy intake takes a pcv type grommet. The pcv hole in the 881 intake uses a bolt on fitting.
  3. Jim Sullivan

    First gen x frame progress.

    I'm hoping it will be. Don't want to let you down Bob.
  4. Jim Sullivan

    First gen x frame progress.

    Very nice.:good
  5. Jim Sullivan

    61 biscayne build

    Just ran out to the garage and gpt a picture. With a little work, I could've made it look like one piece and polished it. But it was only on the four door. This ran straight up to a tube I welded in the air cleaner. I used the proper size grommet in the intake and a short piece of hose connected...
  6. Jim Sullivan

    BBC into 62 Impala Advice needed.

    I'm thinking you'll need the short water pump. Also, do you need a specific oil pan to clear the cross member? I'm sure others with more knowledge than I will reply with the correct information.
  7. Jim Sullivan

    61 biscayne build

    I bought my Eddy intake years ago. The baffle was a waste. I made up a baffled tube which worked very well. I guess I never got a picture of it welded up.
  8. Jim Sullivan

    Al (acacg)

    Happy Birthday Al. :bday1:birthday
  9. Jim Sullivan

    Happy Birthday! Yellow wagon

    Happy Birthday Jason.:bday1:birthday
  10. Jim Sullivan

    Happy Birthday! MRHP

    Happy Birthday Brian!:bday1:birthday
  11. Jim Sullivan

    Happy Birthday! chevytaylor

    Happy Birthday Carl. :bday1:birthday
  12. Jim Sullivan


    Welcome to this great site 64ImpSS. Nice bunch of cars/trucks you have there. You should start a build thread so we can watch that 64 come together.
  13. Jim Sullivan


    Happy Birthday Tooth!:bday1:birthday:burnout
  14. Jim Sullivan


    Welcome to this great site Nifty9. Nice frame in your avatar, watcha building?:welcome2
  15. Jim Sullivan

    Snap on crud thug

    I believe Eastwood has a similar tool. Never looked into the price.
  16. Jim Sullivan

    Happy Birthday! Bschulze

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  18. Jim Sullivan

    Happy Birthday! 409gang

  19. Jim Sullivan

    W Motor enthusiast.

    Welcome to this great site Mharr1.
  20. Jim Sullivan

    64 Dash pads-all the same?

    That looks great Mearl. Thanks for risking your life for the pictures. :D