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    To all my democrat friends

    The Bag Lady (and I use the word lady very loosely here) went grey from the extra pressure she had to deal with by having those two mean ole Conservatives (and I use the word Conservatives loosely here) that was on the panel or she might have just finished up mopping the kitchen floor and this...
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    Creepy porn lawyer

    Poor Poor Poor shyster lawyer.:laugh4:mock Mark
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    Allen West, a true patriot!

    He's a good, smart and honest man always liked him. Mark
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    Richmond VA today

    Looks like the Dems spent some time on the drawing board to bring all these bills to vote and help from tons of Bloomberg money what a screw job, I think we might see more of the same crap in other states controlled by the Dems . Mark
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    To all my democrat friends

    You would think that the Dems would be against abortion because if they keep aborting surely their numbers will dwindle. Mark
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    To all my democrat friends

    Its much worse than what you say here Bob it had to be a DemonCrap that is responsible for this train wreck it has their DNA all over it. You see Bob the DemonCraps are a form of life (and I use this word life very loosely here) that did ooze & evolve out of the Swamp long ago but what has...
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    Nancy Peluresy

    It makes her look just like the turkey she is. Mark
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    To all my democrat friends

    Now why would a Lizzoid be concerned about having a abortion especially one that is as handicapped in the looks department such as this example?:barf1 Mark
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    Didn't we have.....

    She can stay with me but I'm still not gonna pay off her college loan debt.:brow:D Mark
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    To all my democrat friends

    DV needs to turn around and use the LS on the trash following him. Mark
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    Crooked Bloomberg

    He's been doing this for along time. He came to Ohio a couple of years ago trying to catch dealers at gun shows selling firearms without a background check and the POS even tried to set dealers up trying to convince them to sell firearms without a background check but he wasn't sucessful. Mark
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    New tat fad

    I don't know 409 they keep doing stupid $hit like this I don't think they'll be around much longer. Isn't poison ivy deadly in large doses? Mark
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    For those that want to go racing Mark
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    64 Chevy 409 Mark
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    Nancy Peluresy

    Ok guys here's your chance to help an old POS out. Since were stuck with her for hopefully only 10 & 1/2 more months might as well try to clean her up a little so it keeps our nausea down to a dull roar. Bob this would be a good job for you, you have a tig & a new saw just take her in and put...
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    New tat fad

    I'm telling ya I'm really starting to wonder just how long some of the new generation of nitwits are going to be around on Gods Green Earth these people are nuts. Mark
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    Pocahontas Predictions

    This ain't no $hit!!! Mitts one of those MormRons. Mark
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    His name should be spelled Salami made from good ole pork products. Mark
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    To all my democrat friends

    I'm thinking this might be concession stand for the 10,000 beaners a plate lunch wagon.:overheat Mark
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    Same goes for those Panzies well accept for the French underground during WW2 those people had some nuts. Mark