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  1. Phil Reed


    You are just outta sight Wristpin!!!!!!
  2. Phil Reed

    Went over to the dark side

    I'm sorry Fuzz!!!!!! Beer or a good Bourbon will help!!!!!!
  3. Phil Reed


    Happy Birthday Nate!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!
  4. Phil Reed

    I had no idea where to put this.

    No shit!!!!!
  5. Phil Reed

    Wheel dollies

    Thanks Junky!!!!! Still haven't pulled the trigger on a set!!
  6. Phil Reed

    Happy Birthday! Oh Shit!!!!!

    It's WRISTPIN"s birthday tomorrow!!!!! Maybe he will be on his good behavior for the day. Maybe he will be mellowed out and play with all of us!! Maybe we outta be kind to him tomorrow???? Guess we'll see!!!!!! Happy Birthday Big Guy!!!! Be sure you change your oil this Spring!!!!!
  7. Phil Reed

    409 fender trim

    Yes Ron...64-65.
  8. Phil Reed

    Happy Birthday! HrlyKngt

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!! Hope you have a good day!!! Miss our phone calls!!!! Hope everything is fine!!! Take care!!!
  9. Phil Reed

    Happy Birthday! Jim409_Pontiac

    Happy Birthday Jimbo!!!!!!! Still need axles for your 62 Convertible?????? Hope you have good weather for your birthday!!!!! Could you and Jim come down to Dragway 42 for a couple of days to visit????? I really wanted to buy you guys Pontiac but was sure I wasn't smart enough to keep it tuned...
  10. Phil Reed


    I used a different method. After installing the 4-speed, strip front carpet, install shifter without shift handle. Take a punch where the shift handle is to be mounted , and from underneath, take a punch and put a small bump in the bottom of the floor pan to show the top side where the...
  11. Phil Reed

    To all my democrat friends

    Don't forget Wristpin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Phil Reed

    Support group for horders?

    When I sold my business, it took 5 trips with a 43' gooseneck trailer to haul everything away!!!!!!!
  13. Phil Reed

    DAYTONA 500

    Surprised FOX didn't show more coverage!!!! Crowd was chanting USA, USA!!!!!!
  14. Phil Reed

    Happy Birthday! Mark Johnson

    Don't tell ole What's His Name in Winchester!!!!!!!!!
  15. Phil Reed

    Happy Birthday! 409Rob

    Happy Birthday Rob. Good seeing you at Dragway42 last summer. Hope to see you again this summer. Your family has been very important to our sport and family!!!!
  16. Phil Reed


    You didn't comb your hair BJ!!!!!!!!
  17. Phil Reed

    Happy Birthday! Mark Johnson

    Happy Birthday Mark!!!!! Supposed to be warmer tomorrow for your birthday!!!! So good to see you again at Dragway 42 last summer!!!!! Assuming you are coming again??? I am.
  18. Phil Reed

    62 biscayne 409 project

    It will be warmer tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Phil Reed

    Support group for horders?

    Yes mistsnake!!!!!
  20. Phil Reed

    62 biscayne 409 project

    Hook one spring loop to the leg of your cherry picker and the other end to the lifting arm of your cherry picker arm!!! Bingo!!!!! You can keep your spring on your cherry picker when you paint the springs pulled apart until it dries.