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    Right hand cramping up, now gone that cheating
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    The first one!! I am now out of hand cream.
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    Happy Birthday! Pat

    Happy Birthday from the North!
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    CFM rating of 340 hp carb
  5. quik9r

    Color of Pontiac 409 when shipped from the factory bolted in the car? Not replacement.

    I have seen in person unrestored 409 64 cdn pontiac Parisienne with orange motor. Many other canadian pontiacs with small blocks that were orange They are chevy chassis and drivetrain 100%, not even close to the US pontiac. Even the suggestion is just talk from the uninformed. example 1969...
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    Color of Pontiac 409 when shipped from the factory bolted in the car? Not replacement.

    Winner! Orange and comment on valve covers 100% correct no bowties
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    Happy Birthday! Jeff Olson

    Happy same day Jeff!!
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    Happy Birthday! quik9r

    Barry, The coors light always tastes better.... never know might be able to make it happen this year!
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    Happy Birthday! quik9r

    Thank You, I am always reminded on this day of a past member petepedlar, it was also his birthday
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    Firewall factory marks

    did you find the water decal that says "water test" with a circle around it. I think driver sidefirewall....gotta check me notes
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    Some Z-11 Photos

    Not to go off topic but this was posted on supercar registry site.. check out the name of the tunning on second post pic#6 and this camaro
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    does anybody know this car

    The 380 hp wagon would be far rarer than a 409 Hp wagon. estimated that 10% of total production 62 409 were 380 hp. you should psot some photos of that car Phil.
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    62 BA A Good Start

    That is a factory two tone car. Option list is odd, but great car.
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    62 NOS Tach Bracket and Sun Cups - SOLD

    not to high jack.... but have NOS no button tack faces, meters, and other tach stuff. send me PM
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    On the road again

    that flange looks like a 8" 300 lb ansi flange for piping?
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    Jet-Hot Coatings

    I coated set of long tube headers, plus all the 3" pipe that exited in stock location with ceramic coating, on the "509" 62 chev. Any time it would dull or get dirty I would use mothers chrome wheel polish and a cotton rag and rub like crazy. Worked awesome, if I find a pic i will post
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    Difference between one piece and two piece X frame?

    I like"wrinkle frame" Seems most one piece came from Baltimore or Flint plants. I climb under everyone and always ask to open door and find out assembly plant. Just my thing
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    Holley 3 barrel carburetor

    The supercar car day of Motion and Baldwin etc. would install from the "Dealer". That is why some interest, there also were two versions. One is more desirable than the other. Value is the eye of the beholder
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    Holley 3 barrel carburetor