1147 heads for the 1961

Tom Kochtanek

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A matched pair of 1147 castings dated "L 20 60" and "L 22 60" for the high performance 348.

These are the small port heads used on the higher horse builds from 1961.

1147 tops.jpg

They've been steel-a-brated and crack checked.

One head looks like it's had some work done on the surface?

1147 single head.jpg

Both heads will need to be totally rebuilt with new valves, springs and keepers. A good start for the guy (or gal) interested in putting together a period correct 1961 high performance 348.


I can make two wooden boxes at my expense and you pay the shipping :).

Asking $750 plus the transport.


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Tom, you might see if you can talk your local speed/machine shop out of a pair of head boxes. I have a pair of Edelbrock BBC head boxes that have survived a couple of trips and done a pretty good job of protecting the contents. Kinda used up now, but that foam stuff works pretty well.