1954 Pickup Rebuild

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The owner was thinking of a mustang 2 front, but it looks like it will just be stock rebuild. He like the three on the tree and the foot operated starter.


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I had a 48 Suburban, totally stock that was pretty cool. I gave it to my brother in-law when I was transferred to Cleveland from Charlotte in the mid-90's. He traded it for an 82 misfire Corvette straight up. If it weren't for crap luck I wouldn't have any.

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Well, after the head cold from hell :sick2, I made it back to the shop, been cleaning parts and tackled the broken exhaust studs.
It took a few try.
20190305_142651 (2).jpg
The customer had stopped by and I got the chance to find out what his budget is.
My plan is to get all the mechanicals rebuilt restored, then see how far I go from there. My guess a body shop works with lower labor rates than I do, so rust repair may go somewhere else, time will tell.