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A brief discussion on another thread brought up the different HP versions of the 59 and 60 engines. You might find this publication interesting as it describes the new product line at the beginning of the production year. It establishes the fact that the W engine line up was changed in late 58 with the 315 HP Turnpike Cruiser and later, the 300 hp solid lifter single AFB engine both of which carried over to the beginning of 59 production. This publication doesn't discuss the suffix codes for those engines but does describe the internal features used to produce the special high performance improvements. The suffix code for the 315 hp was FB and the 300 hp was FD. apparently there was no FC suffix.

For the engine specific section click here:

For the entire pub go here:


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Changes made to the engine lineup in 59 were published as a revision to the AMA Specs dated 23 April 1959 (the actual production changes probably predated the revision). The new 305 hp engine (GD) was introduced and was available with the Heavy Duty Powerglide only. It had a solid lifter cam that had different specs (actually higher lift specs .4076 intake and .4139 ex) than the other SHP engines and had 11:1 compression, cast iron intake with 2859S AFB and 2 inch exhaust.
The 300 hp solid lifter FD engine with special cast iron intake and 2859S AFB was replaced with the 320 HP FG solid lifter engine with new aluminum intake (579) and 2897S AFB.
The 315 HP Turnpike Cruiser was replaced by the 335 HP FE. The increased HP was a result of new pistons with 11.25 compression and dual valve springs vs 11.00 compression and single springs with dampers of the FB and FD.

1959 Engine Specs

59 348 engine specs.jpg

300 HP special intake 3760263 L-17-58:

58-59 305 hp Intake L-17-58 1.jpg


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Actually Don it was both for the 57 and 58 model years,it was the top of the line model for those years and had the turnpike cruiser engine which for 57 was the 368 lincoln Y-block and for 58 was the 383 MEL with the 430 in 2 flavors optional,the top option being the Super Marauder with 3x2's and the distinction of being the first US auto engine to be rated at 400 HP.It was replaced by the park lane as the top model


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I think the turnpike cruisers had to be the kings of the gadgets and gizmos along with the retractable hardtops of the same era.I remember seeing those cars when I was a kid when they were already 8-10 years old and asking my dad why our cars that were newer didn't have that stuff.If I were rich a 58 cruiser with all options including the Super Marauder 430 would be on the list of must have cars,of course I would stroke the 430 out to over 550 cubes since the 460 stroker cranks will pretty much drop in.And if I were super rich I buy the original 1956 XM-100 TPC concept car.
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They did have, special options..:clapThe vents, with the antenna's, at the top corners, of the roof.:clap The first time I rode in Chuck's car, he turned off the ignition, and the seat automatically moved backwards, to let us get out.:bow