1960 348 engine parts


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Have no idea on the value of these parts, but am taking a stab at pricing them from what I see at other sites.

Heads 3758379 - L3059 - L3059 Still have original studs, springs and valves on them. They are dirty and need cleaned. No testing have been done to these. It is a matching set with both casting dates on December 30th, 1959. A good pair for a 1960 numbers Impala. $40 with valves and springs. Local pick up

4 bl. Intake - 3732757 - H1859 This is off the same engine as above. Considering the block also had a December 1959 casting date I'm comfortable saying this intake even being cast in September of 1959 is still accurate for a 1960 impala. $20 Local Pick up

Rochester carb off the same engine. The secondary's are frozen open. The carb needs a complete rebuild. Have not been able to find the numbers, but if you need them with a little coaching and pics I'm sure I could find it. $25 + shipping

Exhaust manifolds Casting numbers 3782793 and 3782794. They match up to the above heads and intake. Rusty with broken studs that will need replaced. $50 + shipping

Let me state that my calipers have not been in for calibration in 10 years, so close to is the best I can really get you.

348 Crank shaft Main and rod journals measure to stock and they look good to my non-machinist eye. $25 Local pick up please

348 Rods and pistons. Pistons measure out to 4.125 pistons. $25 + shipping

Also a set of 16 steel rockers with Arm balls and nuts $20 + shipping

348 Oil Pan $100

If you want pictures let me know.
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