1960 radiator

Hi Guys,

Good news is the old 235 in my '60 Biscayne coupe runs pretty good for sitting for 20 years. Bad news is the radiator is shot. I'm planning on an engine swap in the future, hopefully to a stout 348 or 409, but for now the 235 will do. The floors and some other things need to be addressed first. I want to swap to a four row 348 factory-style radiator. Impala Bob's and Classic Industries both have them. I'll also be buying new hoses and any little things that need replaced.

Or should I look at an aluminum radiator with electric fans? I'm not going to try to pass this off as an original 348 car but I would like a factory stock vibe. Will the factory-style 4 row handle a 500 horse engine? No A/C.

Thanks! By the way, I bought this car to do an LS swap but this site has convinced me to do a 348 or 409.


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My original radiators with new 4 core cool ( same as good quality 4 core reproduction radiators) all my 409’s and my 327/300 HP cars just fine with stock 5 bladed fans “and the bolt up to radiator supports”..... The 409’s run under 200 degrees , the 327 cars run 185 degrees even at 2 mph for over a hour at Back to Fifties loop every June.

My opinion modifying the car with electric fans is not necessary