1961 3 Speed Part# Help Please


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Does anyone have access to a ‘61 parts book that covers the standard 3 speed w/o overdrive? Trying to determine a few parts that were different between the 6 cylinder and 283 variations. The clutch gear was different on the 283 variation. It was beefier and had a 21 tooth input as opposed to a 19 tooth input. Now I’m trying to find the pn# to the 283 counter-gear.

I should have just found an old 283 backed 3 speed instead of trying to upgrade this dang 6 cylinder variation.

Any help with part numbers or pics from the parts manual would be greatly appreciated!! 8D8299CD-E2E9-40A0-B027-54DD94636F38.jpeg 6F30D02A-379A-4972-AC3B-6B061553235F.jpeg 3358339A-4A93-4141-AEAC-C1002270C4F0.jpeg