1962 409 Bubbletop Belair


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I bought the Wilson headers for one of my 63's and just got them installed last week and fit beautiful, don't know if they clear the original starter as on this car I have has a smaller starter. Just have to follow the installation instructions as a few things have to be removed like the oil filter then re installed. No dents no rubs absolutely perfect headers and have a built in cap you can unholy to run open headers while leaving street exhaust hooked up.. This car even has the original oil filter canister.
Nice car. How long ago did Grandpa restore it?
It was a present a few years ago. It was restored when he got it but a few things were gone through. Believe it or not, he had one with 409 as a kid, but couldn't afford the payments after a few months.

It has a bigger cam to breathe better, the stock manual was replaced with something that can handle the power and a Ford 9" put in with 4.XX gears since the stock axles got twisted somehow :laugh4

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Mark Wilson can you give us a price on a set of 1 7/8” headers? I’m interested. Tried to find your website but wasn’t able to. Might be looking in the wrong place.

Mark Wilson

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Wow! A bit overwhelmed by the response this morning. I may have underestimated the demand for the original 1 7/8 inch version of this header

I believe that I have all five sets sold already. Anyone that wishes to have a set and confirms there order in a PM to me today will receive the $100.00 forum discount. It may take me a couple weeks to fulfill the additional orders though.

Thank you all very much for your support.

Mark S Wilson