MI 1962 grill

Thank you. Sounds like the press or mold lacks the sharp edges of the originals. Makes me think repairing a used one would probably be worth the effort. When I had my car back in the 80's parts were fairly easy to find. They have practically vanished off the face of the earth now. Still an incredible piece. Thank you again. Kent


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The bars in the grill have a washed out crease, the shape of the end of the grill is wrong, and the curve of the grill is off for starters. Most all of the details are wrong.
What MRHP says about the end shape of the reproduction grilles and the curve of original grilles is that the reproduction 62 grilles come "flat" and you have to bend them to fit around the 2 curved original side brackets to make the grill have a curve in the face.
A NOS grille is a choice and its much better to have a original grille restored and reanodized(as compared to a repro grill) -you just need a good core without cracks and major damage.
I have had enough time over the years and have been able to find NOS grilles for my cars. I had at least 2 original 1962 grilles restored/reanodized - they came out as good or better than NOS 62 grilles (some NOS grilles get scratched from long term storage or moving them).

Its typical that reproduction parts such as 62 rocker moldings, 62 front and rear valances, 62 hood lip molding, - lack the sharp edges of the originals.
Reproduction 62 Impala side chrome is junk.
Repro 62 rocker moldings are not too bad to view since they are so low on the car when mounted.