1962 Impala license plate lamp


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The 1961-64 oer license lamp housing is WRONG! don't even try to make it work for a 1962 Impala. In the parts catalog it is listed as part 5735449 1961--1965 but In fact, the part supplied is 1965 ONLY and NOT 1961-64!! Also it appears that the 1961-1964 complete assembly sold as 5735448 is wrong also.
Here is a ORIGINAL NOS 1965 for comparison :

Now look at my pixs of a rusty 1962 Impala assy needing help and you will see the housing they want to sell you next to it, won't work.


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Another misrepresented repro part. Too much of that junk.
The sellers need to refund the part and the shipping.

I have originals that I zinc plate gold - that I can sell.
They need a new gasket and lens, the old ones are normally shot.