1962 rear trunk emblem


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here we are using JB weld to repair a NEW 200074A 'classic' trunk emblem assy. WHY? beause as soon as we got it, i immediately noticed the plastic insert isn't staked tightly and it pops out of place. after numerous requests for a return label, i give up . ... i called it in and asked for a replacement, they wanted me to order a replaement on my credit card (so no discount and plus shipping to get it here) i said no ....i said send me a return label. 3 weeks later no label either by email or us mail...even after 3 more follow up polite re-calls to David ext 337...

well guess what...their never ending 'discount' program don't add up when you get useless, defective and wrong parts! i'm done with them.



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another Fargo junk part (Fargo on package)made by who......kids in China ?
Fargo 61-62 Chevy vent window weatherstrip is also junk (ask me how I know....)
That service for a bad part is terrible ---Classic Industries 62 trunk emblem part # for standard price at $89.
Not fair .................

Trim Parts in Ohio is the best one to get reproduction trunk and hood emblems from for 62 to 64 chevys,.
They have the best quality trim for Chevy's
Cars Inc has the 62 Chevy "Trim Parts" trunk emblem for $ 90 with my 10 % discount
Ecklers price is $ 96 for the Trim Parts 62 Impala trunk emblem



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That's why I try to hoard as many nos 63 and 65 parts I can find for when all my cars are done. Perfect example is when I ordered repop kick panels for my 63 as mine where scuffed up and they sent cardboard kick panels!!!!!!! Wtf? Used my original ones


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1959 to 1963 full size Chevy kick panels where card board from the factory. 61 to 63 metal air vents were riveted to the cardboard painted panels.
64’s chevy’s switched to plastic kick panels from the factory. 64 plastic kick panels will fit on 63.


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I feel your pain on ill fitting parts. Had my share too. One thing I never understood, as to why this happens. Whoever manufactures the part, they must have an original part there to get measurements from. Color. Whatever is needed to produce. So, you use these measurements, press out or mold the part, and then check it for correctness; fit. If it fits nicely, fine. Make X amount. If it doesn't fit nicely, make the necessary adjustments to correct it. Don't go making hundreds of ill fitting parts, but that seems to be the way it's done. I've experienced this quite often on repo parts for my trifives. I remember the hood bar on my '56 was actually 1/4" of an inch too short. Seriously, how do you make that mistake?? Obviously, quality control is not in their vocabulary, Carmine.